Mexican Stereotypes & Misconceptions

Ok…  Hmm… Where oh where to start? This is quite a delicate & complex subject.  Today’s post is about Mexican Fact & Fiction.  What can I say, other than… Well it’s insulting, disheartening , & most of all disturbing every time I run into such ridiculous misconceptions about our culture.
Ok… . Where oh where to start? This is quite a delicate & complex subject.  Today’s post is about MEXICAN FACT & FICTION? What can I say, other than… Well,  it’s insulting, disheartening , & most of all disturbing every time I run into such ridiculous misconceptions about our culture.





Tacosflautas524289522_f1fe63290e69-frijol1real tacos

FACTS ABOUT TACOS: Tacos can be soft or hard, but should NEVER look like Taco Bell shells.

Real Tacos often contain soft  WHITE not yellow cheese,                                                                                                                                                               NEVER yellow grated cheese.

Tacos are not the simple and limited thing they are made out to be.

The taco spectrum is wide, it does not begin with ground beef and end in chicken or fish.

True tacos can contain: just about anything. Steak, pulled chicken, potato puree ,just beans & cheese , just cream, nopales, , or maybe just cheese(Authentic Mexican of course)

*The traditional creme in real tacos is not the sour cream used in Tex Mex style tacos.


This”Caliente” image was actually on a shirt. So there’s people out there who are going around wearing it?!!  Yikes! Way sad =S LANGUAGE MISCONCEPTION:  I often hear people using or rather MISSusing it the word hot in Spanish. Yes in English hot means something has a high temperature & it is pleasing to the eye. NO! It doesn’t  exactly work the same way in Spanish. If you say that someone is “Caliente” in Spanish, you are either saying one of two things: #1 They are very warm or #2 (slang) They are feeling frisky a.k.a “in the mood”.  Here are some common expressions native spanish speakers would use to say hot:

guapo/guapa = gorgeous , good looking.

bueno/buena=  So fine,

Cuero= A total babe,

Chulo/Chula = Gorgeous

See these  shirts the correct way.  “I’m hot” = sexy


MISCONCEPTION ABOUT OUR FOLKLORE AND PERFORMING ARTS.  Ok, I’m so tired of seeing the wrong figure, depiction, and symbol plastered all over the friggin place!!!  I hate seeing it on things are 100%  “Mexican products” & so they use these “Mexican Symbols” to represent them. Someone could not understand my gripe about this & tried to get smart & tell me that I must not know that Mexicans have Spanish blood.  No duh! We’re all mixed and there is no culture that 100% original . The way people fail to or refuse to disambiguate the two cultures is what I’m talking about.  That’ be like using British or  Canadian symbols to represent Americans and saying “so what they’re closely related, similar are they not?”  Yes the Spanish were present  & brought their culture to Mexico, but the culture that came after they were gone is a new & separate entity. Try reversing it, try putting a Mariachi in a commercial for something that’s suppose to be Spanish, play it in Spain. Wouldn’t work would it?


The “Mariachi” striking a flamenco pose, the cowboy hat instead of a real charro sombrero, so totally rolling my eyes. News flash!!! Mariachis don’t really dance they mostly play & sing!!!  If they should happen to dance it’s certainly not anything in the Flamenco style.  The flower in his mouth??!! Another nod to the Spanish Flamenco style.

The REAL instruments which a true Mariachi makes use of are as follows:


“Trumpets, Guitars, Violins, a guitarra de golpe (rhythm guitar) , a Vihuela. (The vihuela has five strings, tuned: a-d’-g’-b-e. Though the instrument looks extremely similar to a guitar or a small guitar, the vihuela is remarkably different. The vihuela has a raised or ribbed back, which allows more resonance to the sound and it is typically much smaller than a standard guitar. The vihuela adds harmony and a unique sound that is imperative to mariachi music. All of the instruments within mariachi music are crucial to the specific authentic sound.”- A Mexican folk harp, which usually doubles the base line, but also ornaments the melody.- A Guitarron “Deep voiced-guitar that serves as the base of the ensemble.” –