Spanish Class: Slang & Cool phrases


Curious about slang in Spanish, wondering about popular &  fun expressions??

Yup it’s all about SLANG in today’s Spanish Section.   ENJOYNESS MUCH!!(DISCLAIMER : As always I apologize for any misspellings as my skills in that department suck. Especially accents so I’m not even gonna try & mess with that =P .    Also this is a  Mexican culture blog, so the slang I will be covering is of course  Mexican Spanish)

Andale!   = An exclamation which can mean  OMG!/ Incredible!/ You don’t say!

Andale literally means   “go ahead”. You can use it in  this way to say : hurry up, Or to encourage someone who is unsure.

Example:  “Did you hear that Susie just broke up with Steve?”  “Andale!” /  “Didn’t I tell you to bring me some water?!” “Andale!” / “Girl I like  the new guy, but… ” “Andale!” (go get him!)

Es broma/Es chiste/= It’s a joke

No te creas= Literally this means “Don’t believe it.” Is used to mean just kidding.

EXAMPLES: “Do you think this outfit is  ugly?”  “Yes, where’d you buy it?!”  “Ha ha,  No te creas es broma!”

Conper= short for  “Con Permiso” which means “excuse me”.

Vajale!= This expression literally means “Turn it down”. Used for : Calm down, stop  exaggerating, turn off the drama, get off my case, don’t talk or treat me that way.

Pintate de colores= Literally this means “Paint yourself  diffrent colors”  Not  sure where this expression comes from, but it is probably referring to camouflage & (blending),  because it’s meaning is: go away or make yourself disappear.

Ponte Buso or just Bus0= buso/busa comes from the shortening of the word “Abusado” (alert, on the ball, on your toes) ponte is to ready one’s self or make one’s self a certain way. This is kinda of play on words as the word buso sounds like buzo ” scuba diver”.

Aguas! = Look out! *Used to tell someone they’re  in trouble. It can be said if someone is about to be hurt, or if they are trying to do something secretly & are about to be caught.

A toda maquina= This means with the whole machine or all mechanisms. It’s something along the lines of:  full speed ahead or at full throttle.  Can be used to mean: “It’s on!” ,  or  “It’s great in every way!” “Nothing , but the best!” “To the fullest!”

Chido= Cool, great, awesome, fun.

Codo= Literally this means “elbow”, however it is used to refer to someone who is cheap, a tightwad, a penny pincher, doesn’t share.  Sometimes people will not even say this, but instead just point to their elbow.  =D

Mala onda= Literally this means “bad vibe/wave”. Used to mean : that’s bad, that sucks, what luck! , too bad , I’m sorry about that.  A situation can be “mala onda” or a person can too, if they are: mean, boring, inconsiderate…. not fun to hang out with etc

Here’s another funny one:  “Hacer la de tos” .  Literally this means to make  into a cough.  A cough can be serious right? Especially if someone  is in need of water & it’s  to the point where their cough is so bad they can’t breathe.  However , people can also fake a cough i.e . this alludes to someone making something out of nothing, exaggerating, faking it.

Esta como quiere! = Literally: “He/she is however they want to be” = They’re so fine, so sexy, super handsome/ gorgeous,  way hot! What a hottie! What a babe!

Tu Circo se acabo= Literally “Your Circus is over” :This means your fun /entertainment is over.  Can be said when someone is making fun of you, or to tease someone who was previously having fun & their plans have gone awry.

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