Mexican TV : El Chavo del 8

Hilarious video from the classic Mexican family program “El Chavo del 8” = The youngster from apt # 8.  This is a program that is near & dear to Mexican culture.  Watching this with family has been a tradition passed down from generation to generation.  In this episode Mr. Ramon agrees to go to work for his snooty neighbor Mrs. Florinda as a vendor for her homemade churros.  Of course with the kind of luck Mr. Ramon  has…Trouble quickly ensues.  Mrs. Florinda keeps watching him like a hawk, no one will buy a churro, & on top of everything “El Chavo” won’t stop bugging & distracting him. The real LOL moments start when Mr. Ramon has to use the restroom, but can’t leave the churro stand unattended.

Hoy Presentamos un clip del “Programa #1 de la television humoristica” por supesto : EL CHAVO DEL OCHO!  Este clip es del episodio “Los Churros” en el cual Don Ramon trabaja para Doña Florinda vendiendo sus churros caseros.

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