“Mexican” Style?

“Mexican Style” bwah! lmao Oh it is to laugh!  More like “sorta, kinda, barely Mexican style”, more like Tex Mex style/ MexFusion .

It’s  this kind of media that perpetuates ignorant stereotypes and false facts. This is how faux Mexican culture or fusion Mexican culture becomes what some people believe to be 100% authentic.   True Mexican food aficionados, people who grew up on the real deal, laugh at these tacos. To them this is junk food/fast food/snacks  &  some even refuse to eat them. Just like some non Mexican  families might use these kind of tacos to have a “taco” night for the novelty factor , real Mexican families  would treat these tacos the same way. They’d be something like having a hamburger or hot dogs. Just a quick & easy weekday dinner idea.


Cardinal rule of good authentic tacos, you DON’T start with prefried shells. Speaking of shells, the corn’s all wrong too because traditional tortillas don’t look like that even after being fried. Another thing, Just because  you’re Mexican doesn’t mean you have a sombrero on hand,  What da?! I’m Mexican, have ZERO sombreros at my home & have never seen a single sombrero at the home of any of my Mexican friends or  relatives. Yes there are those who like to collect traditional items and decorate their home with them, but seriously you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who’s got a sombrero on hand in the same &  unbelievable fashion show here.

“Genius Mexican Style”?  That’s our genius? We’re ingenious when the situation is taco related??! Also why must our folklore  be desecrated!  I’m tired of hearing “El Jarabe Tapatio” or ” La Bamba”(note the latter used in this ad) to represent all of us and in such a stereotypical & homogeneous manner.  Our music is  significant, symbolic, and representative of each different region of our country. They associate the dessert & adobe houses with all Mexicans, maybe that’s what el Paso looks like, but not Mexico. For example, La Bamba which they thought fit the mood for this commercial, comes from the state of Veracruz. Veracruz  is Mexico’s oldest and largest port , it’s renowned for it’s beaches & fishing industry. I can assure you that when a true Mexican especially a Veracruzano hears “La Bamba” he doesn’t picture a place like the one in the commercial.

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