Mexicano Super Chido(Cool Mexican of the Day)

Meet artist Wenceslao Almazan a.k.a “Wences” he discribes himself as a 34.87 year old boy. He is a talented, award winning freelance graphic designer currently residing in Washington D.C.  ( places lived studied & worked :  Mexico, New York, Connecticut, & D.C. )

He studied graphic design at Universidad del Valle in Mexico City.  He  is skilled & experienced in : editorial work, branding, posters, web design, and animation.  He is currently working with an awesome website that supports upcomming artists & their original work, mostly in the form of graphic t shirts. The tees are original works of art for incredibly reasonable prices. To view more shirts by Mr. “Wences” go to this link

He’s a jack of all designing trades, but his true passion is  freehand work, particularly character design, along with some 3D animation. Not only that he  is also the co-creator of a Central and Latin American licensing brand named  Luchones ( Based around cool characters whose inspiration was  Mexican Lucha Libre.

IMAGES By Mr.Wenceslao Almazan from: