Mexican Music: What’s a “Ranchera”?

In today’s music section we have two songs: “Me Falta Valor” =  I am missing courage   & “Por Mujeres como tu “(Because of  women like you)  .  ARTIST: Pepe Aguilar . Pepe is the son of late reocording legend/ movie star & Mexican Icon:  Antonio Aguilar. You’ll notice that Pepe is wearing a “charro” suit , (that’s what it’s called.) Some people ignorantly call them  “Mariachi outfits.” Although, worn by Mariachis  as well, they are NOT Mariachi outfits. They are traditional outfits that were once worn by charros( Mexico’s cowboys.)
These are suits made out of the finest material & can be strikingly detailed, ornate & elegant.  To Mexico & it’s male figure this represents : valiantly, gallantry, masculinity, tradition, and honor.
Last little note here, take note that although accompanied by Mariachi, Pepe’s genre is Racheras  NOT  Mariachi music, there is a difference. Rancheras are a style derived from Mariachi music, except Mariachi is mostly centered around traditional folk music, while Rancheras tend to be more like Mexican country music. Well… in actuality,  that’s really putting it in  excessively simplistic terms. To really get the feel for the difference,  you should listen to a couple of Mariachi & Ranchera songs each. About Pepe’s music, his specialty is  romantic Rancheras or Ranchera ballads I guess you could say. Ranchera are part of Mexico’s pop music, because the genre is  so popular, it continues to grow and change. You can find some really soft ranchera ballads like Pepe’s that include more modern sounding melodies.