Mexican TV: Today, a Children’s Classic

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to a classic :”Carrusel” (carousel). This video is from  the show’s intro. Mexico is well know for it’s Novelas(dramas, soap operas, what ever you want to call them) this particular novela(series) was actually a children’s program. The successfully popular show  aired in the 90’s. It was broadcasted both in Mexico & abroad, including  here in the USA.  If you’re a 90’s brat & Hispanic… Chances are, you grew up on this. (I sure did =P)
ABOUT THE SHOW:  It’s a really sweet, cool  story about a teacher & her class. The children in the group are diverse, come from different walks of life ,backgrounds, & situations.  There’s : rich preppy kids, poor kids from humble homes,  nerdy kids, cool kids, trouble making kids, kids with happy home lives, and those with dysfunctional families.  The show dealt with an array of interesting topics such as: friendships, family, first loves, spoiling kids, getting along with others,domestic violence, kidnapping, discrimination, the importance of education….etc
Some of  Mexico’s most popular celebrities started their careers with this Series.
Speaking of the class being diverse, Side note: While some people think that if you go to  Mexico all you’ll find is brown skinned people with dark black hair…. The truth is,  if you really traveled about Mexico you’d be surprised by what you’d find. Because Mexico & it’s people  has been influenced by a history of invasions, immigrating  groups & foreign settlers , you can find Mexican citizens with touches  of influence from different countries &  ethnicities, Such :as Asian, European,  African.. etc