Quick & Easy Faux Ceviche

Ceviche is a dish that can consist of:  raw fish, shrimp, and other shellfish or sea food,   marinated/ cooked lime juice. It is very popular in coastal parts of Mexico knows for their ports and fishing industry.The marinated fish ,  is further flavored with the addition of chopped: chiles(serranos), tomatoes, avocado, onion & cilantro.  Then the mixture is served a top golden tostadas.

Now if you’ve ever tasted REAL ceviche, then you know that there is no substitute for such a rich, yet simple & refreshingly satisfying delicacy. The problem is that making Ceviche is like making sushi, you must be able to start with the absolute freshest fish due to the whole raw factor. Finding fish sometimes can be a hassle, you need it to be  fresh, cheap can and sometimes you just don’t get lucky. More often than not, we are way to put on our chef hats. During those times we are just looking for a quick yet yummy bite to eat.That’s where our “Faux Ceviche” comes in. Of course it’s no where near the real deal, but it’s an interesting concoction that taste pretty good.


Chop your ingredients into bite size equal dices, make sure that you have enough ingredient to flavor your tuna, but  too many, so as to out number or overpower. Make sure to finely  ingredients such as onion & chile. The smaller the dices, the more even &  mellow the flavor will be. Trust me in the middle of enjoying your tostada you don’t wan’t to bite into a big ol fragrant onion piece or a spicy chunk of chile.

After your done with your ingredients, open your can of tuna & drain. * I recommend tuna in water, because this is a dish that should taste fresh & light. Tuna in oil can have a more of  deeper complex flavor, we want simple & clean. Drain your tuna & add your chopped ingredients, don’t forget your salt & pepper . Then add your lime juice & mix up evenly. Refrigerate & let sit & chill for as long as you wish, there’s no need for waiting too long since it’s cooked all the way.

* One word of caution about lime juice make sure that you add enough lime juice so that your tuna won’t be too dry & so that it will be flavorful, but taste it as you go along so it won’t become too bitter. Some people like to add cucumber to the mix, but I think that works better with fresh fish, on the other hand I’ve never tried it on tuna. If you’re intrepid enough go ahead & try.  That’s simple enough isn’t it?? Cheat your way to a cool, fun, Mexican food inspired meal.

AS ALWAYS, BUEN PROVECHO(Bon appetite, enjoy your meal.)


(Amount will vary according to portions, remember you need enough to top tostadas with a moderate amount not to heavily.)

Tomatoes = any kind will do, but try going for a firm variety, we are using them raw not cooked like in spaghetti sauce or anything so a bit of firmness is ideal.

Limes= because the tuna is not raw, you will only need enough to flavor the Tuna.

Onions = Red or white will do. You just need enough to sprinkle into the mix not a whole bunch. If you are making very little, you probably won’t even use up a whole one.

Chiles= This recipe calls for Serranos.

Avocados= A good avacado will not be to green or to dark. Make sure if you squeeze it, that it is not too firm or  inversely give in too much. These are indications of a  flavorless unripe one or one that is bitter, mushy and past its prime.

Tostadas= find them in the internationals foods isle, or next to the tortillas which are sometimes in the displays at the end of isles.

Don’t forget the Cilantro!  It really is one of the ingredients that makes the dish.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT : Don’t forget to put in a least a little dash of hot sauce.

4 responses to “Quick & Easy Faux Ceviche

  1. If you’re going to have a “Hecho en Mexico” banner going down your page, at least use real fish or shrimp instead of the good ol’ Chicken Of The Sea! Kudos on the Guerrero’s though.

    • Obviously u missed the whole point of the faux ceviche. I’ve talked about what real ceviche is, and NEVER claimed that was the real deal. The whole point of that recipe was, that it was suppose to be quick style thing. Trying to make things fun and accessible to people, you know. I’ve never outright tried to blur the line between real and fake or promoted things as 100% Mexican when they’re not, but thanks for the judgmental comment though. Plus this is an Am(amateur) Blog I’ve clearly stated in the blog’s mission statement that I’m NOT here to stereotype or say that I represent every Mexican or I am an irrefutable authority on teaching every little punctilious detail on ALL things Mexican. This blog is for fun and I try my best to share what I have experience during my Mexican existence in a manner which can be respectful to my heritage. Also another reason I do the blog, is to stimulate interest in our culture so that even if some might not agree or like a post there might be a chance to touch their curiosity and they might further research and learn.

  2. OK, I love your dedication, committment, and overall energy for everything Mexican, I’m Mexican, so I appreciate this, but I have a small complaint. Sorry, I don’t want to come across as a snob, or rube, but I’m simply thinking of Mexican representation, but lets work on the grammar.

    • I will try my best to double check & spell things accurately as best I can when I can, but I get super busy sometimes or I just get really excited about sharing things sometimes, or get into lazy bum-mode (hey who doesn’t) and that’s when spelling casualties occur. I don’t mean to offend anyone if ever I should mess something up. Like I’ve said I’m not here to be the poster child for all Mexicans or all things Mexican. Perhaps some feel that if you can’t write in Spanish correctly u shouldn’t venture and share a blog about it, (keep in mind that a lot of times I try to just write in English)but I’ve always been upfront and warned people that I suck at spelling and my wish is for them to become curious about our language/ culture and go and seek: sources, resources and materials which are better and more accurate. I’ve had all my education here in the US and though I speak Spanish fluently I suck at writing it, since I’ve always concentrated on learning and using English grammar/spelling, and even then I’m among those who just suck at spelling/grammar period. But there are times when I’ll get on reference sites and sit here for hours revising a post and there never is a final draft I always end up going back and tweaking, correcting things because I know that someone might catch it and mind. Anyways as I’ve said before, this is just an am(amateur) blog take it or leave it. I’m doing this with lots of enthusiasm and it’s fun (hobby only that, I don’t write for a living or anything) and the minute that it stops being so(i.e. becomes too fastidious and meticulous) I’ll have to stop.

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