Mexico gets early Xmas present: Guinness Record for World’s Largest XMasTree

Mexico beat the previous record held by Brasil with their tree by 24 cm

HEIGHT: 112 Meters

Diameter: 35 meters

WEIGHT: 330 Tons

The tree lighting ceremony took place on DEC 5th

The next Video : The video talks about  the tree’s construction, and the preparation of the worlds biggest ice skating rink being set up for the 3rd year in a row  in the  famous town square “El Zocalo” in Mexico City. There will be two skating areas 1 for kids and 1 for adults. The reporter points out some wood as she explains that slides will be built for the children to play on. Through out the holidays, parades ,Posadas( precessions where the journey of Mary & Joseph looking shelter are renacted.) & Contests are planned among other forms of entertainment. This year the city is planning a celebration to top all others. She goes on to explain that special bleachers have been installed for those who wish to be spectators instead of spectacles on the ice lol

Cool video someone uploaded on YouTube , of them driving downtown on “El Paseo de la Reforma” = “Reform Promenade” * famous street in Mexico city.  The tree was in the midst of instruction &  visible on the road.  As he drives on, he then zooms in on the  famous land mark ” El Angel de la Indepencia” =  The  Angel of Independance .   Next the town square “El Zocalo” in the afternoon. *The 1st  tv screens he closes up on are children’s drawings of  the Mexican Revolution. Then another one that counts down the days till Mexico’s Bicentennial, 290 days it said.  Next a photo he took of a mall’s Xmas tree. Finally  their house’s Xmas  lights. =)

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