Cool Mexican Music Video

Breath taking cinematography in this music video.  ARTIST: Alicia Villareal, SONG: Insensible a ti = Insensible towards you.  The song is nice, & so is the story line, but what  I really love is  the over all classic and elegant  look chosen for the  MV.


I’m not going to hide from you anymore  in order to mask my true feelings. I don’t want to have to cry discreetly just to keep the love I feel for him a secret. Now it is time for you to find out about  the things that take  place when you are gone.

I’m not going to feign the love that I no longer feel. So  many times I cried feeling weak & alone.  I lived tormented.You have already light the bonfire. Now I am cold to your caresses & insensible towards you. I have deceived you many times. I have sought his ardent kisses in intimacy.

I have lied to so many times that I can not go on concealing the truth. I am living a forbidden love that steals my heartbeat.  But I can no longer keep quiet about this love, because with you I am at zero and he makes my heart beat 1,000 miles per minute.  I am insensible towards you.