2010 Marks Mexico’s Bicentenial

2010 will be  a very special year  for the Aztec nation for it will mark the bicentennial of their Mexico Lindo y Querido (beautiful & beloved) for all Mexicans. During 2010, 100 years since the Mexican Revolution and 200 since the struggle & victory for the nation’s independence will be commemorated. Many celebrations & ceremonies in order to begin the count down have already taken place & many more festivals, projects, and plans have been elaborated & are are set to take off  just for this extraordinarily grand occasion.

One of the illustrious & patriotic projects set to inaugurate during the celebration of the the Mexican bicentennial is :Torre del Bicentinario = Bicentennial Tower is currently in progress & is expected to be completed by 2010 in  the center of Mexico City. The tower will beat the current  holder of  the title : “Latin America’s tallest building”  Torre Mayor which is 738 feet (55 stories) also located in Mexico City.  Torre del Bicentenario will be 984 feet tall and 85 stories. The building will be home to offices, restaurants , a gym,  a museum, &  much more, including  a convention center. The building is composed of two pyramidal shaped stacked together.

The part where the two pyramids intersect is the location of a glass sky lobby which will allow magnificent views of the park adjent to the building and spectacular views of the city stretching out before it.  The cost= an estimated $600 million. The design is said to be product of Rem Koolhaas famous for his designs of the Prada stores in New York &  L.A  as well as the Seattle Central Library. The tower will commemorate the start of the Mexican battle for independence from Spain.

Another  notable Bicentennial enterprising endeavor will be “Arco del Bicentinario” =  Bicentenial Arc.  The arc will be inaugurated in Mexico City. 37 of the best Mexican architects where hand selected to work on this historic national  & patriotic project. Among the 37 talents: Alberto Kalach, Javier Sordo Madaleno, Enrique Norten, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Teodoro González de León, Ricardo Legorreta Vilchis y Fernando González Gortázar.

The Arc is set to be inaugurated Sep 15 of 2010 the eve of Mexico’s Independence day.

The arc’s bases will be set : one near “Lions’ Gate”  in Chapultepec Forest & the other in Ariel Park. It will run length wise along Reform Promenade  & will be set at a height  between an altitude that will be between the entrance to Chapultepec Castle &   “La Torre Mayor”  =The Great Tower, currently  the tallest building in Latin America.

Yet another occurrence linked to the celebration is the release of new money. The new money(coins & bills)  has already entered into circulation and will help to illustrate very important chapters in Mexico’s history: the revolution of 1910 & the crusade for independence. National Heroes depicted on the Bicentennial coins include:  Ignacio  Lopez Rayon, Francisco Xavier Mina, Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos, Mariano Matamoros, Carlos Maria de Bustamante….   The new Bills: On the new 200 peso bill Miguel Hidalgo father of the Mexican Revolution will be depicted on the reverse the famous patriotic landmark  The Angel of Independence. On the 100 peso bill the picture of a locomotive transporting revolutionaries of the  armed movement that began in 1910 is depicted on the reverse part of the famous mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros  entitled “From Porfirisum to Revolution”

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Mexico’s April Fools day in December

In Mexico Dec 28 is “Dia de los Santos Inocentes”=Day of the Innocent Saints. On this day the Catholic church remembers the child saints mentioned in the bible who were killed in Bethlehem during Herod’s killing of children in order to prevent  Jesus Christ from becoming King.

In the middle ages there was also  people who celebrated a pagan holiday “Feast of Fools” along the way both merged & in order to celebrate innocence of the children who soul’s where called to heaven & Herod’s foolishness in his thinking he had prevented Christ’s reign people celebrate “Dia de los Innocentes” in a manner very similar to April Fools.

On this day news papers print  funny fake news, friends play pranks on each other, such as the placing of a little white paper doll indicating the “innocence” of the person marked.  Another  very popular way to joke on this day  is the “borrowing trick.”  If you lend something to someone everyone knows that on this day it is fair game to play finders keepers.  Of course if  it’s an items the person really needs or if the person is unwilling to play along in order to avoid any altercations items are given back.  However ,for those willing to play along if you lend an item,  you forfit it . In exchange the prankster gives a basket of candies with the following note: “Inocente palomita que te dejaste engañar, sabiendo que en este día nada se debe prestar. ” = Innocent little dove you have let yourself  be deceived, knowing that on this day lending is not advised.

*Dia de Los Inocentes is not only just a Mexican holiday it’s celebrated through out the world in various Hispanic/Catholic cultures.