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Mexico’s Topos join rescue effort in Haiti

The Rescue Brigade “Topos” of  Tlatelolco has set of to Haiti . The plan as explained by Director of  the institution and leader in operations Fernando Alvarez, is to have form 18 to 24 experts on the island by this Saturday. On Thursday the first group of 6 took of on their mission. The members of the brigade intend to provide : aid in search & rescue missions, pre hospitilization medical attention to those hurt, and general assistance to the affected. He went on to say that their flight which took place on a private plane was made possible with help from hotel businesses and the Caritas delegation in Cancún(a non profit org), which provided emergency provisions, and  essential items to be transported to the isle. The next group to be sent over will be comformed of a canine unit and those armed with the special tools necessary for further advancement in search & rescue.

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