Mexican Novelas : Chameleons

Novela time! This post for all drama lovers, drama addicts , & to those who are just getting into dramas. If you have never seen a Mexican drama(Novela) and are interested may I suggest a series that was a hit in Mexico, a drama that recently premiered here in the states. Camaleones=Chameleons is barely on its second episode so right now is the time to tune in. You’ll be able to follow the story as it develops from the very start.  The drama is being aired at 3:00 p.m. pacific  on Univision or if you miss it on tv there are awesome uploaders on YouTube hooking up Camaleones fans.  For example channel belindaperegrinchile

So excited to watch this drama as it is singer Pee Wee(Irvin Salinas) debut in novelas. Pee wee in a school boy uniform , doesn’t get much sexier than that =P Also in the drama are singer Belinda and ex RBD member Alfonso Herrera.  I hope you guys will get into this drama and let your imaginations flow with its crazy adventures and have an awesome time, because that’s the fun of dramas.

PLOT: Camaleones is the story of Valentina and Sebastian. Both skilled thieves, they are united when a man they call “El Amo” forces them to commit crimes while passing as a prefect and an art teacher at the illustrious prep school San Bartolome which is attended by  rebellious, troublesome, snobby rich kids. They must do what they are told in order to protect their loved ones. Pee wee plays Ulises, he is a student on a scholarship who is chosen by the school’s vice principal Augusto to attend San Bartolome. Sol a girl in Pee wee’s class is daughter of the school’s principal and vice principal. Her parents are separated and constantly challenge each others’ authority at the school. Her father is manipulative and aggressive, but Sol sees him as a model father. Her mother does nothing to uncover his true ways because she doesn’t want to break her daughter’s heart.  Even though her mom loves her and tries to protect her, to Sol whenever her mother sets rules and boundaries she always come off as the bad guy. Sol’s dad wants to run for office and schemes to reunite with his estranged wife only for sake of his political career.


Do you bleed in 3 colors? Vamos “El Tri!”


The count down is on and the world cup is just around the corner! Are all my fellow Aztec warriors ready to cheer for “El Tri”? So here’s the lowdown my friends, Mexico is in group A & will be taking part in the opening match against home team South Africa . The venue: Johannesburg-JSC.  Also in group A are : France & Uruguay.  Starring in the opening game is a big honor for our team and I can’t wait to see them shine!  The date is already circled on my calender and I’m anxiously awaiting for World Cup fever to heat up to full intensity! So get ready guys to ponerse la verde por que si se puede!  Show your support &  follow Team Mexico to victory! Admist all the recent negativity let us unite and represent  the inverse. On this the year of our bicentennial let us proudly say I am from TEAM MEXICO!


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