Fun With Spanish: Funny/Interesting sayings

Today’s funny expression is  “Darse una manita de gato” =  Use a  cat’s paw on oneself. Lol I’m laughing wondering what the first thing coming to mind for some readers is upon hearing this expression.  Well, here’s what this feline inspired saying is talking about : “Darse una manita de gato” means to make yourself look good. To freshen up, to make oneself presentable. Cat’s of course are synonymous with grooming and so the saying is pretty clear and makes plenty of sense.

USAGE: If a girl knows a guy she likes is coming by she might say “Me voy a dar una manita de gato” = I’m going to get pretty.  If a  girl said this on a date  that would mean she’s  going to check herself in the mirror and touch up.  If  someone was off to find a job and a friend told them  “Primero date una manita de gato” It would mean, make sure you look presentable before you walk out the door.

Ok dokster so hope that everyone enjoyed this interesting/funny expression and that you can have fun with it yourselves, cuz Spanish is always MegaSuper Chido!

Disclaimer: As always I apologize for my crappy spelling in Spanish and my lack of knowledge when it comes to  Alt Key codes for accents, I’m working on it =) It may not be perfect (the blog) but in my own little way I’m trying to share what I love and hoping others can enjoy it too.