Constructive criticism & my Blog

For those who have posted : comments, ideas, opinions etc.. in the comments section, who have been respectful and have steered clear of :  hater, racists, mean vibes I want to say Thank you. Thank you very much for taking the time out to even check out the blog. Thank you for taking interest and giving feed back.  Constructive criticism can be good for you and help you grow and improve.

Because our culture has been disrespected and misrepresented so much I can understand why people are quick to protect it and be particular about how it’s represented.  But as I’ve always said : I’m just here to share what my experience has been. I always try to make it clear that I’m not here to stereotype or represent everyone. Sadly some people are so close minded and ridicolous that they think it’s ok to propoagate and buy into such foolish concepts.  To be honest it irked me when some people statred posting picky/snarky comments about the blog, questioning it’s authenticity and nit picking.

To that my response is the following: I’m not an expert authority, never have claimed to be.  I’m just here to have fun with my blog. I’m a fan of my Mexican culture and want to infect others with love for it as well.  Anyone who wants to overly scrutinize and criticizes the blog, if you got an issue then you take a crack at a blog on this subject. I’d like to see you try to adhere to the strict & persnickety guidelines which you want to hold me to.  But most importantly,  I’d like to see you make an effort to raise awareness and promote the beauty of our culture in a way that does not employ the cheesy, easy, sell out  stereotypical style so often seen in all kinds of media.  A blog  true to our heritage , respectful to your identity , that shares: tradition, modern topics, pop culture…etc.  A blog that tries to reach a new audience, appeals to all ages. Try making it informative, yet light and fun.  Showcase your culture in a manner that is : accessible, cool and adds a modern touch.  Last but not least I’d like to quote what a good friend of mine once said “There is no manual for being Mexican” so don’t over think the blog I’m just doing this for fun.  As always ENJOYNESS MUCH!