Happy New Year/ Feliz Año Nuevo

New Years is just around the corner.

In Spanish a popular saying about the new is

:”Año Nuevo, Vida nueva” =  “A new year, a new life”


Xmas Songs in Spanish

In Spanish carols are know as “villancicos”

Los Peces en El Rio= The Fish in the River

Va a nevar= It’s gonna snow (Let it snow Spanish Version)

El Niño Tamborilero = Little Drumer Boy

Mex Xmas Drinks

Baby it’s cold outside ♪  Then let’s have some ponche & champurrado! Take a look at these vids about warm drinks that are traditionally enjoyed during Christmas =)

I’ve heard Champurrado described as  mix between hot chocolate & porridge. The drink is thickened with cornstarch/cornflour.  Champurrado comes in many flavors, &  can be seen during Xmas time served with tamales =) During “Posadas” = Xmas processions/parties, “Ponche Navideño” (Christmas Punch) a warm drink brewed with a blend of fruits is given to guest.  The basic punch recipe contains: Guava, Cinnamon, Hibiscus flower, tamarind, cane, Tejocotes (hawthorn).  For both the champurrado & ponche pilloncillo are used which is cone shaped Mexican dark brown sugar.