Soulful Mexicans

Just heard on Twitter that the 1st song “Besame” (Kiss Me)  is doing really well on the charts & I had heard talk about it before, but just hadn’t gotten around to listening to it. I finally listened to it and it’s really good, very romantic song.  Once again Camila makes it on to the blog with this live performance of the song. These guys are so talented! They’re brilliant composers and awesome musicians. Song number two is a song I found and knew instantly I had to share. This girl’s got some killer vocals. She’s classy, she’s jazzy what a mellow and soulful vibe.  Hope u have a romantic evening & ENJOY!

Mexican Music: Music Video of the day

Haven’t posted an MV in a while. It’s definitely time for some music. =D

Song: El Aventurero(The Adventurer) By: Pedro Fernandez . The song talks about a flirtatious playboy who likes to capture hearts where ever he goes.  Wow there’s nothing as sexy as a gentleman in a charro outfit. Seriously testosterone overload totally drool worthy.  No? Ladies?

Here’s an few lyrics excerpted from the song:

“Be on your toes darlings for your adventurer is here my honeys!”

“I am “the adventurer” the world to me matters very little , when I like a lady… I like her no matter what.”

“I like ’em tall, I like ’em short. I like ’em skinny, I like ’em chubby, the single ladies the widows & like ’em divorced too.

“I am the adventurer and to all my “mothers in law” I propose: Do take care of your daughters if you bring ’em along or I won’t be held responsible!”

“I have a troubadour & bohemian’s soul,  I am honorable and a good friend, the most honest kidder.”

Mexican Galan of the Day: David Zepeda

The word “galan” refers to : a leading man, hero, A gallant & handsome man.

NAME: David Zepeda (Actor/Model)

Birthdate: September 19 1974

Birth Place :  Nogales, Sonora, México.

Education:Earned a degree in  Civil Law at Sonora University  (UNISON), Hermosillo- México. As  for acting, he received training at Centro de Formación Actoral de TV Azteca.

Fanclub/Official Webpage : Twitter: @dzepedafansclub

Achievements & Credits:

Second Place in Manhunt International 2000 (an international male pageant.)


Knows for his villainous roles : His characters are deliciously hypocritical, sensually slimy, you love to hate him yet can’t get enough of this sexy bad boy.

  • Production: Soy tu dueña – Role: “Alonso Peñalvert”
  • Production: Sortilegio – Role: ” Bruno Albeniz”
  • Production: Acorralada –  Role: “Maximiliano Irazabal”
  • Production : Amores cruzados -Role :  “Diego”
  • Production: Los Sánchez , Role :”Omar”

Movies & Theather

“DESNUDOS” (2004)


“Descalzos En El Parque”  (Barefoot in the Park)


Riesgo Total  on TV Azteca

“Mente y Movimiento” on TV Azteca


His an Avid Tennis player since youth and still competes in tournaments


“Soy Tu Dueña” = “You belong to me”, promo

On the set of “Soy Tu Dueña”

Commercial : David inviting  fans to be part of “Sortilegio on Stage” the novela  Tour

“Sortilegio On Stage”  excerpt,  poor David gets slapped!  =S

David wins best Antagonistic Actor  award from Premios TeleNovelas

Fan made video for David’s character the sly and evil “Bruno” from the novela “Sortilegio” = A spell


Novela Time =)

New Novela time! That’s right “Soy Tu Dueña” is about to premiere this Tuesday on Univision. The word dueña literally means :proprietress, owner. The Novela’s title references  the character being a boss,  and at the same time also connotes meanings such as “you’re mine” or “you’re  my man”




“In the end it turns out that in life you’re all alone and you can’t even trust those whom you love the most”– Quote from the trailer


Valentina Villalba (Lucero) is a woman to whom life seems good in every way, because she owns  great beauty and a fortune that her parents left to her when they died. She has a mansion in Mexico City, where she lives with her aunt Isabel (Silvia Pinal) and her cousin Ivana (Gabriela Spanic), who is very envious of Valentina.

Everything changes for Valentina when her fiance, Alonso (David Zepeda), in league with Ivana, leaves her at the altar. That’s when she becomes a desperate, bitter woman who chooses to isolate herself and go live in the hacienda ‘Los Cascabeles’, where she meets her neighbor Jose Miguel (Fernando Colunga). The people of the region hate her, because her foreman, Rosendo (Sergio Goyri) commits things in her name, and they call her ‘The Viper’.


Lucero … Valentina Villalba Rangel “La Víbora”= The viper (Main Heroine)

Fernando Colunga … José Miguel Montesinos (Main Hero)

Gabriela Spanic … Ivanna Dorantes Rangel (Main Antagonist)

David Zepeda … Alonso Peñalvert (Villain)

Silvia Pinal …Isabel Rangel(mother of Ivanna Dorantes)

Sergio Goyri … Rosendo Gavilán (Villain)

Jacqueline Andere … Leonor Montesinos(mother of Jose Miguel)

Ana Martín … Benita (nany of Valentina and Ivanna)

Gerardo Albarrán … Nerón

Vicente Herrera … boss of Nerón

The thing which I’m most excited about when it comes to “Soy Tu Dueña” is getting to see super smexy David Zepeda again! I haven’t seen him since “Acorralada”= Cornered a Venezuelan Novela  in which he played Alejandro Salvatierra. “Soy tu Dueña” should be very interesting as it is filled with  Novela vets know for unforgettable roles such as: Gaby Spanic, known for her duel roles in “La Usurpadora” = The Usurper , and Fernando Colugna “Amor Real”.  The protagonist in the story is none other than Mexico’s sweetheart, singer/actress Lucero who’s know for many novelas, and  has done a great job portraying both heroines and a villainesses for example her roles in “Lazos de Amor” = Love ties &  “Mañana es para Siempre” = Tomorrow is Forever.  Sergio Goyri is also featured in this drama, he is always a formidable villain.  This drama promises to entertain viewers with: ardent passion, pulse pounding drama, and stunning betrayal, as well as the chance to admire the gorgeous beauty that is  Mexico’s natural scenery.

Get to know the characters, get  pictures, reviews, previews and much more at “Soy Tu Dueñas” official website:

You can also find vids on YouTube

Picture credits: I hold no rights all rights  belong to owner of the production.

Mexican sayings

The Mexican culture is a very romantic culture in which chivalry is still alive and well, a culture that is filled with much veneration for women.  A popular saying that exemplifies that is: “A una mujer no se le debe tocar ni con el petalo de una rosa” = A woman is not to be touched, not even with a rose petal. The saying speaks of zero tolerance when it comes to disrespect towards women. Women are not to be mistreated in any way shape or form, but this saying is especially referring to physical abuse.

It’s all about Serenades!!♥♥♥♥

SOOO ROMANTIC!! A  practice that is not only very popular in Mexico, but in every Spanish speaking country I think… Is that of romantic serenatas=serenades. In these countries serenades are preformed for: birthdays, anniversaries, just to say I love you, say I’m sorry, to propose marriage, or to confess ur love/ask someone to be ur guy or girl.  A classic serenade is preformed with a  Mariachi band, a guitar trio or soloist, also it is customary to wake  ur loved one with your song at dawn. As time goes on the tradition has taken on new forms, but I’m so happy that it’s still alive & well. It’s a very: cool,beautiful, special part of our culture, that I’m very proud of. Modern serenades: Now a days people will opt for pop music,Rnb, punk, rock, Banda music..etc for serenades. Another modern take on the serenade is that of surprising the recipient in public places during the day. A very common question about serenades “What about the neighbors?” With a classic serenade, I guess there might be a neighbor or two that gets annoyed with music so early in the morning, but for the most part it’s a well accepted and embraced tradition enjoyed by almost everyone. I mean come on, you’d have to be  a total scrooge to make a fuss about it 🙄 A serenata makes those directly involved & those around them happy, makes them feel warm inside, brings out the romantic in everyone, love is always beautiful, it’s just a really cool thing to behold. The neighbors or whoever is around will end up cheering the person giving the serenade on & root for the girl to come out. Once the couple is together on lookers will chant “Beso, beso, beso!”= a Kiss,a kiss, a kiss! Really cool right?! If you get a serenade it’s one of the most wonderful gifts u can receive. A pro serenata(hired musicians) is not cheap lol, if u decide to play and sing by yourself or get friends into the act it takes a lot of hard work, and earnest effort. So it’s really touching that someone would care so much as to prepare such an awesome surprise for you. With the Valentine’s day holiday coming up I wanted to take this post as an oportunity to honor this kickbutt tradition & share it with those who are new to it.

Enjoy these awesome serenade vids posted by crazy romantics on YouTube.

*Serenade scene from popular novela “Rebelde” (Rebel) Although the guys went all out,with spectacular fireworks & hired a full mariachi band… They had messed up big time, & the girls were still way ticked off at them, so their serenade efforts were shot down. 😳

*Cheating! Come on dude u gotta sing! Just going straight for the sugar 😛 He’s got some really cool friends to hook him up like that. The heart costumes are just too adorable.

A 60’s rock theme serenade. Very cool & original 8)

Althought it’s kinda embarrassing to be ambushed @ work or school, it’s all good, cuz  it’s so flattering to be in the spotlight & have witnesses that turn green with envy @ ur totally cool romantic moment. :mrgreen: Ooh loving the flower petals and votive candles on the desk, makes for a very romantic ambiance.

Ummm the girl did not come out during this serenade. Well… U win some, u loose some. A+ for effort though guys ❗ It really takes dedication to bring out your whole set up & rock out in the wee hour of the morning.

When u decide to go Banda with ur serenade, it quickly evolves into a party!! 😀 Lmao the camera’s shaky cuz the camera guy was dancing along.

Cool Mexican Music Video

Breath taking cinematography in this music video.  ARTIST: Alicia Villareal, SONG: Insensible a ti = Insensible towards you.  The song is nice, & so is the story line, but what  I really love is  the over all classic and elegant  look chosen for the  MV.


I’m not going to hide from you anymore  in order to mask my true feelings. I don’t want to have to cry discreetly just to keep the love I feel for him a secret. Now it is time for you to find out about  the things that take  place when you are gone.

I’m not going to feign the love that I no longer feel. So  many times I cried feeling weak & alone.  I lived tormented.You have already light the bonfire. Now I am cold to your caresses & insensible towards you. I have deceived you many times. I have sought his ardent kisses in intimacy.

I have lied to so many times that I can not go on concealing the truth. I am living a forbidden love that steals my heartbeat.  But I can no longer keep quiet about this love, because with you I am at zero and he makes my heart beat 1,000 miles per minute.  I am insensible towards you.

Super Sexy Mexican EyeCandy Gallery ENJOY! *(guy celebs)


Major sexy factor= it’s all about the baby face


RAFAEL “Rafa” MARQUEZ =Soccer Player (Mexican league, national team captain, Spanish League :Barcelona)

Major sexy factor?= Rafa is the strong silent type.



Major sexy factor= gallant prince charming type presence & air about him.


Francisco “Kikin” Fonseca= Soccer player (National team, Portuguese League, Currently with Mexican Leauge: Team Tigres)

Major sexy factor= Super Sweet & always all  smiles. Has that ruggedly handsome look going on

13kikinNT_kikin (1)kikin20fonsecahd2kikinespn2univisionag1kikin_81277KikTrkikin

Imanol Landeta =Singer/Actor

Major Sexy factor= gorgeous eyes constantly filled with a pure & intense gaze,

possesses a youthful, caring personality.


GUILLERMO “MEMO” OCHOA =soccer player (National team Goal keeper, Mexican league: Team America )

Major sexy factor: The ability to stay cool under pressure.

Allstate_wallpaper_1memitowapomemitomemo oh

LUIS ANGEL LANDIN = SOCCER PLAYER (National team, Mexican league, MLS: Houston Dynamo)

Major sexy factor: his flirty playful smile, & amazing acrobatics he loves to do on the field when celebrating a goal.


Francisco “Paco” Palencia= Soccer Player  (Mexican leauge, National team, MLS, Currently with Mexican League : Team Pumas)

Major sexy factor: He has this whole Aztec prince look going on with that gorgeous long hair of his.

200629142013116742361388851925juannes370x270animation2nf12790  18230900DI CLAU SOC PALENCIA


Major Sexy factor: A bad boy/preppy kinda vibe going on.

gap32633385Kuno0604-300300Hará drama futurista Kuno Becker


Major sexy factor: Devastating good looks & all he is still the most humble & down to earth guy.

eduardo-verasteguieduardo_verastegui_99Eduardo Verástegui 022KASayC05verastegui_01_15

Whispering Sweet Nothings in Español

When learning a language it’s very important to go step by step & review the important fundamentals.  However…. This can get sort tedious & boring, especially when you want hurry up & get to the good stuff!  What’s the good stuff? Well, a lot of people are most curious to know the basics of ROMANCE.  They want to know things like : “How do I compliment a member of the opposite sex?” or “How do I tell some one I like them?” etc…   Spanish of course is among some of the most romantic languages there are.  And so, today’s post is Romance 101 : Whispering Sweet Nothings in Español.



Mi amor = my love * very common . This is like Spanish’s Honey or babe

Mi cielo= my sky* very common. This is like Spanish’s Honey or babe

Cariño =  darling/sweetie, Cariñito= little sweetie, my little darling

Mi vida = My life *very common.  This is like Spanish’s Honey or babe

Mi adoracion = mi adoration

Osito= Teddy bear

Mueñeca= doll(considered very sweet & tender) All though this sounds very like 1920’s in English, Kinda like “Hey doll”. In Spanish it’s very common for guys to call their girlfriends that.

Mi principe= My prince

Mi princesa= My princess

Mi niña linda =My(beautiful)baby girl

Gordo= Ok ,you might find this one a little funny, or outrageous, or maybe even a bit  incomprehensible. “Gordo”  Literally means Fat guy, however it is not used with such an offensive connotation when you say it towards someone you love.  When used lovingly it means : You’re like a baby with  chubby cheeks, hugable, adorable, my baby. Try listening for it next time you’re watching something in Spanish there’s  bound to be some girl calling her boyfriend/husband etc… That. The reason for such a strong word  (the literal meaning) is that,  it’s a strong word used to show intense closeness.  If you want to add some extra extra softness to it, you could say “gordito” = my little chubby baby.


Me encantan tus ojos = I love your eyes

Eres muy simpatico/a  = You are so charming

Que linda sonrisa/ What a lovely smile

Te vez muy bonita= you look very pretty, te vez muy bella = you look beautiful,  te vez muy hermosa, you look gorgeous

Te vez guapisimo= You look so very handsome, te vez distinguido = you look so distinguished, refined

Tienes una lindisima voz= Your voice is very lovely

Eres Mi principe azul= U Are My prince charming

Eres una Reyna= You are a quee

Tu nombre es un cancion = Your name is a song

Me tienes bajo tu encanto = You have me under your spell


Haria cual quier cosa por ti = I’d do anything for you.

Prometo bajarte la luna  y las estrellas para regalartelas.  = I promise to bring down the moon & stars , so that I can give them to you.

Me robas el aliento= You take my breath away.

Eres un Angel = You’re an Angel

Te sueño por las noches = I dream of you at night

Me has robado el corazon = You have stolen my heart

Tu sonrisa me llena = Your smile fills my heart with happiness.

No paro de pensar en ti = I can’t stop thinking of you

Eres todo para mi = You are my everything

Eres mi sueño hecho realidad = You are my dream come true

Nunca me sueltes: Never let me go

Siempre estare a tu lado = I will always be by your side.

Quiero perder me en tus ojos = I want to get lost in your eyes

No puedo borrar el sabor de tus labios de mi memoria = I can’t erase from my memory  the taste of your lips.


Me trais loquito/a = Baby you got me going crazy

Me super mueves el tapete=  The earth just moved for me!/The earth moves for me every time I see you/think of you.

Beasame hasta dejar me sin respirar = Kiss me till I’m breathless.

Que ojos tan mas llamativos = But, my what come hither eyes!

Que rico hueles= Wow you smell yummy!

Me pones nervioso/a, pero en buena onda.  = You make me nervous, in a good way.

Me muero por besar te = I’m dying to kiss you

Me muero por un besito tuyo = I’m dying for one little kiss from you.

Si me robo un beso, me castigarias?= If I were to steal a kiss, would you punish me?

Me regalas un besito? = Can I have a little kiss?(regalar= give as a present)

Que labios tan sabrosos= What tasty lips

Me muero de ganas por sentirte cerquitas de mi = The desire to be so very close to you is killing me.

Me trais clavado/a = I’m head over heels for you

Papi chulo= sexy(daddy)

No sabes lo que me haces, lo que me causas = You have no idea what you do to me

Te quiero comer a besos= I want to eat you up(with kisses)