Mexican Sayings & Colloquialisms

Today’s saying is : “Ponte las pilas” which literally means “Put your batteries in”.  LOL to someone hearing this for the first time it might sound weird, but it’s a very common saying. The saying is referring to comparing yourself to being a toy or robot of sorts.  This saying is used to mean: get on the ball! ,  straighten up and fly right! , put some effort in!

A parent might tell their child “ponte las pilas” if he or she brings home a not so great report card.

If a girl has a not so great boyfriend, her friends might  say “ponte las pilas” & advise her to look for a better man.

If  someone wants a promotion, but there’s a lot of competition they could be told : “ponte las pilas” and you’ll get it.


Mex Xmas Drinks

Baby it’s cold outside ♪  Then let’s have some ponche & champurrado! Take a look at these vids about warm drinks that are traditionally enjoyed during Christmas =)

I’ve heard Champurrado described as  mix between hot chocolate & porridge. The drink is thickened with cornstarch/cornflour.  Champurrado comes in many flavors, &  can be seen during Xmas time served with tamales =) During “Posadas” = Xmas processions/parties, “Ponche Navideño” (Christmas Punch) a warm drink brewed with a blend of fruits is given to guest.  The basic punch recipe contains: Guava, Cinnamon, Hibiscus flower, tamarind, cane, Tejocotes (hawthorn).  For both the champurrado & ponche pilloncillo are used which is cone shaped Mexican dark brown sugar.

Mexican Flicks

After a week of hard work, it’s time to kick back and get some R &R.  So how bout a movie? Here’s a gem from the “Cine de Oro” era (Mexico’s Golden Cinema).  A film starring singer/actor,  mega idol Jorge Negrete.  Today’s movie is : “Un Gallo en Coral Ajeno” – “A Rooster in a Stranger’s Coral”  I’ve posted part 1-6, click on any the videos and you will be taken to the rest of the movie on YT there’s a total of 10 parts =)

SYNOPSIS: This movie’s got a cute, romantic storyline. It’s kinda of a male version of My Fair Lady, but not.  A young sculptress tells her friends that Mr. Right for her simply does not exist.  That men who are “completed works” are not to her liking in the least. She proclaims that, given the chance she would much prefer to “sculpt” the perfect man! Her friends laugh at this notion, and she retorts  saying that, they may laugh but with hers skills she could turn even the most uncouth boor into an exemplary gentleman.  While attending her exhibit,  Jorge’s character who is actually rich overhears her, and decides to play a trick on her. He disguises himself, and breaks into her home pretending to be an unsophisticated  country boy/thief.  And the rest? The rest is romantic comedy magic! If you’re in the mood for a good movie with: romance, glamor, comedy, amazing music… This is the flick for you!

“Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno (November 30, 1911 – December 5, 1953) is considered one of the most popular Mexican singers and actors of all time.”

Mr. Negrete started out singing opera, but then switched to traditional Mexican music. He was known for his grand, deep & velvety voice,  along with his gallant, romantic, and sophisticated demeanor. He participated in many films dealing with charros, made many records filled with traditional Mexican music that spoke of the charro way of life, thus becoming a heroic and iconic representation of all things charro. Talk about a power couple,  Mr. Negrete was  married to iconic actress : Maria Felix. Remember her from the movie “La Cucaracha” in a previous post here on the blog? If you haven’t seen it, it’s a really cool movie about an adventurous soldadera in the Mexican Revolution. Here’s the link