Mexican soccer: Showing support for “Chava”

Cool slide show, pictures of  The Mexican Soccer league showing their support for player Salvador “Chava” Cabañas, who received a gunshot wound to the cranium on Jan 25 while relaxing at a bar with his wife and brother-in-law. Fans, players, and club staff alike showed their support by the dedication of messages.


In case you don’t read Spanish here are some translations of the messages:

From teams-

Famous rival team for America,(Chava’s team) Team Chivas wrote: “Rivalry on the field solidarity off the field. Come back soon Chava” ,

“Chava, team Indios and the state of Chihuahua are with you.”

“Chava you’re going to be Ok”- Player Omar Bravo’s shirt.

“Fight with all your strength Chava, we are with  you.”- Team Queretaro,

“Chava get well soon!”- Team Tigres,

“Strenght Chava, team Cruz Azul is with you!”


“Let’s go Chava you can do it! ”

“Because you showed me true love exists, I am blue & gold,I’m with you Salvador”

“The Jungle(nickname for Chiapas famous for its jungles)is with you Cabañas”

In our thoughts

Sad news for soccer fans this morning especially for those who are followers of team America(of the Mexican Soccer League). It was reported early this morning that around 5:oo am America’s striker Salvador “Chava” Cabañas had been shot in the head while out at a bar with his wife. He was apparently attacked while visiting the restroom. When brought in to the hospital Mr. Cabañas was still conscious, and was able to answer questions administered to him. He underwent surgery this morning and is said to be in critical condition. He was suffering of heart complications.  As soon as the news broke out, many of his teammates & franchise officials quickly made it to the hospital to offer their support to Chava & his family. Surgeons and specialists have announced that whatever measures or specific procures take place will have to be taken under careful and punctilious consideration, due to the precarious lodging of the  bullet.

“Cabanas is one of Paraguay’s most highly-rated players and was part of their FIFA World Cup™ squad in Germany. The striker, who has scored over 100 times in the Mexican top-flight, has netted 18 goals in 24 matches this season.”-

This indeed is a heinous act perpetrated on a young man who is a bright talent. Soccer fans everywhere offer our condolences to his family on the occurrence of this horrible,odious ordeal and wish for a full & speedy recovery. May those at fault be brought to justice.

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