Whispering Sweet Nothings in Español

When learning a language it’s very important to go step by step & review the important fundamentals.  However…. This can get sort tedious & boring, especially when you want hurry up & get to the good stuff!  What’s the good stuff? Well, a lot of people are most curious to know the basics of ROMANCE.  They want to know things like : “How do I compliment a member of the opposite sex?” or “How do I tell some one I like them?” etc…   Spanish of course is among some of the most romantic languages there are.  And so, today’s post is Romance 101 : Whispering Sweet Nothings in Español.



Mi amor = my love * very common . This is like Spanish’s Honey or babe

Mi cielo= my sky* very common. This is like Spanish’s Honey or babe

Cariño =  darling/sweetie, Cariñito= little sweetie, my little darling

Mi vida = My life *very common.  This is like Spanish’s Honey or babe

Mi adoracion = mi adoration

Osito= Teddy bear

Mueñeca= doll(considered very sweet & tender) All though this sounds very like 1920’s in English, Kinda like “Hey doll”. In Spanish it’s very common for guys to call their girlfriends that.

Mi principe= My prince

Mi princesa= My princess

Mi niña linda =My(beautiful)baby girl

Gordo= Ok ,you might find this one a little funny, or outrageous, or maybe even a bit  incomprehensible. “Gordo”  Literally means Fat guy, however it is not used with such an offensive connotation when you say it towards someone you love.  When used lovingly it means : You’re like a baby with  chubby cheeks, hugable, adorable, my baby. Try listening for it next time you’re watching something in Spanish there’s  bound to be some girl calling her boyfriend/husband etc… That. The reason for such a strong word  (the literal meaning) is that,  it’s a strong word used to show intense closeness.  If you want to add some extra extra softness to it, you could say “gordito” = my little chubby baby.


Me encantan tus ojos = I love your eyes

Eres muy simpatico/a  = You are so charming

Que linda sonrisa/ What a lovely smile

Te vez muy bonita= you look very pretty, te vez muy bella = you look beautiful,  te vez muy hermosa, you look gorgeous

Te vez guapisimo= You look so very handsome, te vez distinguido = you look so distinguished, refined

Tienes una lindisima voz= Your voice is very lovely

Eres Mi principe azul= U Are My prince charming

Eres una Reyna= You are a quee

Tu nombre es un cancion = Your name is a song

Me tienes bajo tu encanto = You have me under your spell


Haria cual quier cosa por ti = I’d do anything for you.

Prometo bajarte la luna  y las estrellas para regalartelas.  = I promise to bring down the moon & stars , so that I can give them to you.

Me robas el aliento= You take my breath away.

Eres un Angel = You’re an Angel

Te sueño por las noches = I dream of you at night

Me has robado el corazon = You have stolen my heart

Tu sonrisa me llena = Your smile fills my heart with happiness.

No paro de pensar en ti = I can’t stop thinking of you

Eres todo para mi = You are my everything

Eres mi sueño hecho realidad = You are my dream come true

Nunca me sueltes: Never let me go

Siempre estare a tu lado = I will always be by your side.

Quiero perder me en tus ojos = I want to get lost in your eyes

No puedo borrar el sabor de tus labios de mi memoria = I can’t erase from my memory  the taste of your lips.


Me trais loquito/a = Baby you got me going crazy

Me super mueves el tapete=  The earth just moved for me!/The earth moves for me every time I see you/think of you.

Beasame hasta dejar me sin respirar = Kiss me till I’m breathless.

Que ojos tan mas llamativos = But, my what come hither eyes!

Que rico hueles= Wow you smell yummy!

Me pones nervioso/a, pero en buena onda.  = You make me nervous, in a good way.

Me muero por besar te = I’m dying to kiss you

Me muero por un besito tuyo = I’m dying for one little kiss from you.

Si me robo un beso, me castigarias?= If I were to steal a kiss, would you punish me?

Me regalas un besito? = Can I have a little kiss?(regalar= give as a present)

Que labios tan sabrosos= What tasty lips

Me muero de ganas por sentirte cerquitas de mi = The desire to be so very close to you is killing me.

Me trais clavado/a = I’m head over heels for you

Papi chulo= sexy(daddy)

No sabes lo que me haces, lo que me causas = You have no idea what you do to me

Te quiero comer a besos= I want to eat you up(with kisses)