Learn text Slang in Spanish

Become text message savy in Spanish!  A super fun tidbit of cool pop culture is what I’d like share with you guys today.   Here’s some pointers you guys can use to have fun with Spanish and impress your friends.


HI – The word “Saludos” (meaning ,greetings) is often used online or in texts rather than hola. Here is how you add a slang twist to it :  “Salud2″ = Made up of “salud” and the number two which is pronunced “doh-ohs”  like the ending of the word saludos.

WHY? In Spanish the phrase for why is “por que?” the first word in the phrase “por” is also used in math for mulitplying to mean “times” as in  one times two = uno por dos.  Thus in a text the word “Por” would be subbed by an X. As you may know it’s super fun and common in texts and online slang it’s to mess with words and give them cool, crazy new spellings. The second word in “por que” gets a slang twist like this: either q which starts the word off or K which also makes the same sound as Q are used instead of writing the whole word out, thus u get “X q? or X  k?” you could also use “X que?” all three are acceptable.

SO- SO /SORT OF =  In Spanish we use the expression “mas o menos” literally “more or less” to mean so- so or sort of. You can use “mas o menos” when some one asks you how you are or  how something was. You can use it to mean “more or less” when someone asks if you are familar with something, if you liked something, if something’s easy…etc you get the idea. The text way to write this expression is =  “+O -” an o in Spanish is used for “or”.

THANK YOU = “Gracias” turns into to Grax

I DON’T KNOW –  “No sé”  is how you say “I don’t know”  in Spanish.  In text slang it converts to “No C” the letter c is pronunced “seh” like the conjugation of saber (to know) when you mean to say “I know”.  You can also use “Ya C” meaning  “yea, I  know, or I know that already.”

Really good, truly awesome –  SBLN : These letters stand for “Super Bien La Neta”, which would translate to something like = honestly, pretty good, or actually pretty awesome.”   You can use it when someone asks how you are or how something was or what you think of something.

WHAT’S UP/WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? “Que haces” = k acs? The letter K is used to mean “que?”  the letters A+C+S are used because a & c’s pronunciations (ah & seh) sound like the begining of the verb haces (you do), the letter s of course fills in the last sound in the word. 

I REALLY DON’T CARE, WHATEVER, DOESN’T MATTER – ” Me da igual” Literally, it’s all the same to me : “Me da =” The equal sign stands for same/equal pronounced in Spanish ee-guah-ahl . Another way to say “me da igual” is M.D.I. If you just say “da igual, or D.I. that wouldn’t mean I don’t care, I’d mean: there really is no difference, it’s pretty much the same thing (when comparing things, decisions, events.)

LOVE YOU SO MUCH –Te quiero Mucho” is written “TKM” .  What’s with the K??  Again it’s the messing with words’ spellings thing.  Here the word “quiero” conjugation of the verb “querer” meaning , I love  gets a text twist spelling and so  K represents the word.  Some do use “TQM” , it’s up to you both ways are fine.

PLEASE – The phrase for please in Spanish “Por favor” is often shortened in spoken slang to “por fa” in text slang that’d be “X Fa”

FYI -“Para Tu Información”- = P.T.I.

YOU HURT MY FEELINGS – “Heriste Mis Sentimientos” = HMS

I SEE, I UNDERSTAND – “lo entiendo” = L.E.

KISSES – Besos”= Bsssssss The begining of the word kisses “besos” is pronunced like the letter b (beh)+  the ending besos(sohs) is subbed by a  S, the more S you put in there the more kisses you mean like when you say x0x0.

WEEKEND –“Fin de semana”  shortened to = Fin d smn or Fin d

AWESOME! THAT’S GREAT! “Genial” becomes =  gnl (again it’s a letter sound thing)

LATER Hasta Luego = “h lgo”

SEE YOU TOMORROW –Hast mañana = “hsta mña or h mña”

HOW FUNNY/ WHAT A RIOT! = “Que risa!” lieterally meaning “such laughter” used to express lol or lmao .  “Que risa” turns to=  “K rsa!

Be quiet/ SHUT UP!- Cayallate= turns to “kyat” the letter K in Spanish is pronounced “cah” like the beginning of  the word “callate” +ya+  the letter T whose pronunciation (teh) sounds like the ending of the word  for be quiet(callate).

WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU/ WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU – “Que te pasa?”=  “q t psa?”

GET LOST! – “Pierdete” = “pdt”

HAVE A GOOD DAY = Que tengas un buen dia = qt1bd is made up of the first letters in the words for “have a nice day” = Que Tengas Un Buen Dia  and the number one , in Spanish pronunced “uno” from which”un” meaning  “a”  derives from.

SURE, SURE OF COURSE – “sí, sí, claro, claro” = ss cl cl


So I’ve spent sometime having  some  fun exploring, and  finding out about things that are   ” Sugoi! ”  すごい ,  “chwego”  최고,
好极了, “hǎojíle”….etc  Ha ha, in other words : Right now the Eastern culture wave is all the rage, and has captured my intrest as well. However, although I have had a  great time finding out about other countries, culture, pop culture, and modern culture…  Along the way I found  that there something missing in the current circle of all things COOL. No one is representing all things “CHIDO!”  Chido= Mexican Slang for: cool, awesome, amazing, great…etc  I’ve noticed that alot of people are becoming so enthused, enamored, and going so completely head over heals with  such things that they are forgetting how great our culture is too. And so I would like to dedicated this blog to representing all the neat things about my culture & sharing them with others.

So I’ve spent sometime having  a bunch of  fun exploring, and  finding out about things that are ” Sugoi! ” (Japanese) すごい ,  “chwego”  최고(Korean),  好极了, “hǎojíle”(Mandarin)….etc.   Ha ha, in other words : Right now the Eastern culture wave is all the rage, and has captured my interest as well. However, although I have had a  great time finding out about other countries: their  culture, pop culture, and modern culture…  Along the way I found  that there’s something missing in the current circle of all things “COOL”. There is not enough props or representation of all things  “CHIDO!”  Chido= Mexican Slang for: cool, awesome, amazing, great…etc

It’s sad that some have become so enthralled with Eastern culture that I’ve actually heard some people say “This and this is so cool, there is no such thing in my culture, when in fact there is, but due to lack of knowledge they believe their culture to be lacking . Or My culture is not as fun, amazing, or fascinating. I wish I could speak that language, live in that country, or be from that culture.” It’s so totally true that they’re many way cool things about these cultures and that they are infectious and interesting. But I feel that in the process of enjoying other cultures some are forgetting or purposely turning their backs on their own cultures. They look down on, underestimate, and give their roots the brush.

So the goal of this blog is to spread “Chido” l♥ve all over the place. To share all things cool about my culture with new friends. I want to honor & represent  Mexico & it’s culture with a truthful representation full of  respect & pride, without shouldering, or promoting stereotypes.

WELCOME ALL to the blog , &  let’s have a  “MEGA SUPER CHIDO”   TIME  a.k.a.  A blast!!

ABOUT ME: (I’m Mexican American= Both my parents are Mexican & I was born in Mexico, but raised in  Souther California.)

The Blog’s name( MegaSUPER CHIDO Y+) means: Super cool & then some =)