Mexican Culture Once Again Turned Tacky Gimmick

Found this article & I just had to share with you guys.  The article’s a little old, it’s from July. Perhaps some of you have already seen it or something related to the story, but for those who haven’t thought it only right to diffuse it.  Sorry for being tardy, but I hadn’t visited the website which I found it on in a while and so I missed it when if first came out. Weird, it’s such an important story, can’t believe I never ran into it anywhere else.  The article is from a site dedicated to fighting and changing a “toxic media environment” for everyone, but especially focusing on  being a source of empowerment for :  girls, young ladies, and women everywhere.  They wrote an article about how MAC (the make up brand) thought it’d be so ingenious,colorful and becoming to turn the: suffering , hardships, and terror of the people of Juarez into a  lucrative opportunity.  “Art is controversial, it imitates life” Yes, very true!  And perhaps this would have been acceptable from someone with a noble cause who sincerely wanted to  make an impact for the right reasons. However, these people clearly had only one thing on their minds “Shock factor sells”.  Human dignity,  social consciousness ….. Not part of their product’s “color scheme”.  The creators visited Jurez and gained “inspiration”, they gave night-workers the “edgy/artsy” nickname “sleepwalkers” and gave their make up shades names like: “Factory,” “Juarez,” “Ghost Town,” “del Norte,” and “Quinceanera.”  An ad for the cosmetic line shows a model wearing the make up, painted up like a zombie.  What do you think , artistic or tasteless?

To me this is just another example of how Mexicans and Mexican lives are seen as less.  Our way of life &  culture is  just something amusing to be turned into a tacky gimmick and marketed.  I’ve never been a person who’s been totally brand absorbed. I love fashion & if I had money to study fashion, I would in a heartbeat. It’d be my dream come true. However, my vision of what fashion & art are, totally differs from what big names sell. But, what can you say, they’re  like that. They think : a girl in a bathing suit being physically subdued by a group of shirtless men in sexy, to them black face in magazines spreads is artistic….  Big names turn me off to “high fashion”.  To me small businesses and underground designers is where the real art’s at.


“Had MAC and Rodarte intended to draw attention to the horrific crimes in Juarez and raise money for the people living there, I’d be all for it. But it wasn’t until bloggers caused an uproar that MACpromised to donate “a portion of the proceeds from the collection to help those in need in Juarez.” –

El Tri’s upcoming friendly


Plans for Mexico’s next match have been announced. The preliminary details have been outlined,  though specifics such as a set list of those who will take the field are yet to be fully established. The game will be a friendly match, both teams of course will take this meeting as a very significant opportunity for observation , and future preparation in regards to this year’s upcoming international completions.

More about the game-

The date : Feb24,

The venue : Candlestick Park in San Fran.

Their opponent :Bolivia.

Don’t forget to tune in & show ur support for our Aztec warriors!!

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Whispering Sweet Nothings in Español

When learning a language it’s very important to go step by step & review the important fundamentals.  However…. This can get sort tedious & boring, especially when you want hurry up & get to the good stuff!  What’s the good stuff? Well, a lot of people are most curious to know the basics of ROMANCE.  They want to know things like : “How do I compliment a member of the opposite sex?” or “How do I tell some one I like them?” etc…   Spanish of course is among some of the most romantic languages there are.  And so, today’s post is Romance 101 : Whispering Sweet Nothings in Español.



Mi amor = my love * very common . This is like Spanish’s Honey or babe

Mi cielo= my sky* very common. This is like Spanish’s Honey or babe

Cariño =  darling/sweetie, Cariñito= little sweetie, my little darling

Mi vida = My life *very common.  This is like Spanish’s Honey or babe

Mi adoracion = mi adoration

Osito= Teddy bear

Mueñeca= doll(considered very sweet & tender) All though this sounds very like 1920’s in English, Kinda like “Hey doll”. In Spanish it’s very common for guys to call their girlfriends that.

Mi principe= My prince

Mi princesa= My princess

Mi niña linda =My(beautiful)baby girl

Gordo= Ok ,you might find this one a little funny, or outrageous, or maybe even a bit  incomprehensible. “Gordo”  Literally means Fat guy, however it is not used with such an offensive connotation when you say it towards someone you love.  When used lovingly it means : You’re like a baby with  chubby cheeks, hugable, adorable, my baby. Try listening for it next time you’re watching something in Spanish there’s  bound to be some girl calling her boyfriend/husband etc… That. The reason for such a strong word  (the literal meaning) is that,  it’s a strong word used to show intense closeness.  If you want to add some extra extra softness to it, you could say “gordito” = my little chubby baby.


Me encantan tus ojos = I love your eyes

Eres muy simpatico/a  = You are so charming

Que linda sonrisa/ What a lovely smile

Te vez muy bonita= you look very pretty, te vez muy bella = you look beautiful,  te vez muy hermosa, you look gorgeous

Te vez guapisimo= You look so very handsome, te vez distinguido = you look so distinguished, refined

Tienes una lindisima voz= Your voice is very lovely

Eres Mi principe azul= U Are My prince charming

Eres una Reyna= You are a quee

Tu nombre es un cancion = Your name is a song

Me tienes bajo tu encanto = You have me under your spell


Haria cual quier cosa por ti = I’d do anything for you.

Prometo bajarte la luna  y las estrellas para regalartelas.  = I promise to bring down the moon & stars , so that I can give them to you.

Me robas el aliento= You take my breath away.

Eres un Angel = You’re an Angel

Te sueño por las noches = I dream of you at night

Me has robado el corazon = You have stolen my heart

Tu sonrisa me llena = Your smile fills my heart with happiness.

No paro de pensar en ti = I can’t stop thinking of you

Eres todo para mi = You are my everything

Eres mi sueño hecho realidad = You are my dream come true

Nunca me sueltes: Never let me go

Siempre estare a tu lado = I will always be by your side.

Quiero perder me en tus ojos = I want to get lost in your eyes

No puedo borrar el sabor de tus labios de mi memoria = I can’t erase from my memory  the taste of your lips.


Me trais loquito/a = Baby you got me going crazy

Me super mueves el tapete=  The earth just moved for me!/The earth moves for me every time I see you/think of you.

Beasame hasta dejar me sin respirar = Kiss me till I’m breathless.

Que ojos tan mas llamativos = But, my what come hither eyes!

Que rico hueles= Wow you smell yummy!

Me pones nervioso/a, pero en buena onda.  = You make me nervous, in a good way.

Me muero por besar te = I’m dying to kiss you

Me muero por un besito tuyo = I’m dying for one little kiss from you.

Si me robo un beso, me castigarias?= If I were to steal a kiss, would you punish me?

Me regalas un besito? = Can I have a little kiss?(regalar= give as a present)

Que labios tan sabrosos= What tasty lips

Me muero de ganas por sentirte cerquitas de mi = The desire to be so very close to you is killing me.

Me trais clavado/a = I’m head over heels for you

Papi chulo= sexy(daddy)

No sabes lo que me haces, lo que me causas = You have no idea what you do to me

Te quiero comer a besos= I want to eat you up(with kisses)

MEXICAN FOOD: Fideolicious

TSOPA CON QUESO TODAY’S delicious star is “Sopa de Fideo” ( noodle soup.) When you talk about Mexican comfort food, you have got to include the splendid delicacy that is “Sopa de Fideo”  Mention this to almost any Mexican & they will smile brightly as they are taken away by wonderful memories filled with warmth, and  pleasing flavors.  The food itself is something that many of us have in common, however the recipe is never the same.  Every mom had her own signature twist on it. Each one of us  has a different variation which  we hold near & dear.  Fideos can found in long coils or small pieces. You can find the pasta in the dry foods section or in the Latin Foods/International foods section of the supermarket.  For even more convenience there are also instant soup packets of Fideo. Sopa de Fideo is a very flexible dish, you can add anything you’d  like & switch it up to your taste. Traditionally it is eaten with cream & Mexican cheese. There are different types of cheese this soup can be topped with: Queso Fresco(fresh, soft cheese) , Queso Seco(dry or hard), Queso Rayado(grated Monterey) or also a hard(dry) sprinkle cheese can be found in little buckets. All these can be found in the refrigerated /dairy  section amongst all the regular  cheeses. Other possible additions to the soup include: Beans, avocado , potatoes, nopales(catus plant) just to name a few…. This soup is best left as simple as possible though, so as to not mess with it’s simple charm & taste. The basic method is pretty simple, this is one of those  recipes that are chosen to be learned from mom, especially by bachelors.




c. water
3 chicken bouillon cubes or 4 c. chicken stock
3 tbsp. tomato paste
3 oz. angel hair or vermicelli pasta
1 very lg. clove of garlic, crushed
2 tbsp. dried minced onion
1 tsp. dried herb oregano
1/4 tsp. dried herb thyme
2 tsp. dried parsley
Ground black pepper & salt to taste (bouillon cubes are salty)
Optional: Chopped fresh avocado for garnish, Tabasco sauce for heat



500 grams Fideos (thin noodles)
*6 tomatoes regular size boiled and peeled
oil(olive or vegetable is fine)
1/2 onion
1 big garlic
500 ml.. chicken stock
Parsley finely chopped
Sour cream
Grated Queso anejo or any fresh cheese

I used to prepare first my tomato puree, what we call “recaudo”, so the tomatoes, the onion, and the garlic go to the blender. Here I have to mention that Mi Tata Lucita used to leave the skin of the tomatoes, it gave a very nice appearance, but this is up to you.

It is recommended to prepare this dish in a saucepan or a frying pan, we will cook low heat, since the noodles are very easy to burn. When the oil is warm, add the noodles and stir constantly, they must get golden uniformly, remove them from the saucepan and put aside.

Add the tomato mix in the pan and fry well, add just a little oil to fry since the fideos are already oily. Here we can cook with medium heat, when it is well fried, add the chicken stock and let it boil. I would advice, not to use all of it at this moment, so reserve 1/4 of the amount, if it is needed later. When this caldillo is boiling add the noodles, and reduce the heat to low. Add salt and the parsley and let it cook.

You must be careful that the noodles have enough stock to be cooked, but not so much since they must be dry at the end. It will be ready when the noodles are cooked, and there is no water in the pan. Add the sour cream and the anejo cheese.

MMMsopa-fideos-pAny kind of  Fideo pasta(vermicilli) that you find is  ok to use.  You can find them in the pasta or Latin foods section of the supermarket.






Spanish Class: Slang & Cool phrases


Curious about slang in Spanish, wondering about popular &  fun expressions??

Yup it’s all about SLANG in today’s Spanish Section.   ENJOYNESS MUCH!!(DISCLAIMER : As always I apologize for any misspellings as my skills in that department suck. Especially accents so I’m not even gonna try & mess with that =P .    Also this is a  Mexican culture blog, so the slang I will be covering is of course  Mexican Spanish)

Andale!   = An exclamation which can mean  OMG!/ Incredible!/ You don’t say!

Andale literally means   “go ahead”. You can use it in  this way to say : hurry up, Or to encourage someone who is unsure.

Example:  “Did you hear that Susie just broke up with Steve?”  “Andale!” /  “Didn’t I tell you to bring me some water?!” “Andale!” / “Girl I like  the new guy, but… ” “Andale!” (go get him!)

Es broma/Es chiste/= It’s a joke

No te creas= Literally this means “Don’t believe it.” Is used to mean just kidding.

EXAMPLES: “Do you think this outfit is  ugly?”  “Yes, where’d you buy it?!”  “Ha ha,  No te creas es broma!”

Conper= short for  “Con Permiso” which means “excuse me”.

Vajale!= This expression literally means “Turn it down”. Used for : Calm down, stop  exaggerating, turn off the drama, get off my case, don’t talk or treat me that way.

Pintate de colores= Literally this means “Paint yourself  diffrent colors”  Not  sure where this expression comes from, but it is probably referring to camouflage & (blending),  because it’s meaning is: go away or make yourself disappear.

Ponte Buso or just Bus0= buso/busa comes from the shortening of the word “Abusado” (alert, on the ball, on your toes) ponte is to ready one’s self or make one’s self a certain way. This is kinda of play on words as the word buso sounds like buzo ” scuba diver”.

Aguas! = Look out! *Used to tell someone they’re  in trouble. It can be said if someone is about to be hurt, or if they are trying to do something secretly & are about to be caught.

A toda maquina= This means with the whole machine or all mechanisms. It’s something along the lines of:  full speed ahead or at full throttle.  Can be used to mean: “It’s on!” ,  or  “It’s great in every way!” “Nothing , but the best!” “To the fullest!”

Chido= Cool, great, awesome, fun.

Codo= Literally this means “elbow”, however it is used to refer to someone who is cheap, a tightwad, a penny pincher, doesn’t share.  Sometimes people will not even say this, but instead just point to their elbow.  =D

Mala onda= Literally this means “bad vibe/wave”. Used to mean : that’s bad, that sucks, what luck! , too bad , I’m sorry about that.  A situation can be “mala onda” or a person can too, if they are: mean, boring, inconsiderate…. not fun to hang out with etc

Here’s another funny one:  “Hacer la de tos” .  Literally this means to make  into a cough.  A cough can be serious right? Especially if someone  is in need of water & it’s  to the point where their cough is so bad they can’t breathe.  However , people can also fake a cough i.e . this alludes to someone making something out of nothing, exaggerating, faking it.

Esta como quiere! = Literally: “He/she is however they want to be” = They’re so fine, so sexy, super handsome/ gorgeous,  way hot! What a hottie! What a babe!

Tu Circo se acabo= Literally “Your Circus is over” :This means your fun /entertainment is over.  Can be said when someone is making fun of you, or to tease someone who was previously having fun & their plans have gone awry.

Let’s learn Spanish

THE ALPAHBET: Names of the letters & new letters.

VOWELS : Sounds A, E, I,O,U Make in Spanish

CONSONANTS:  Sounds of Consonants in Spanish.

It’s very important to correctly learn the alphabet in order to succed in a language. Unfortunately this is the best video I found presentation wise. I have a few issues with it, in that it’s not complete. The video is a bit simplistic and trying to short cut important things. Here’s a few corrections:

About RR , R also sounds like an RR when
it’s at the beginning of a word or after an L, N or S = alrededor . Also R can be soft or strong, depending if is between to vowels or not. Strong =Rusia) or soft caRgueRo(cargo ship).
It is very important to learn the alphabet in order to succed in a language. This is not complete. He didn’t mention how: Y is pronouned like an i (ee)when used to say “and” as in: Zapatos y Calcetas(shoes & socks). Also it doesn’t talk at all about X which can sound like a J or X or S. EXAMPLES: éxito(success), experiencia(experience), J sound = México, Guaxaca(State in Mexico), S sound = xilófono(Xylophone)
About RR , R also sounds like a RR when
it’s at the beginning of a word or after an L, N or S = alrededor(alrrededor) . Also R can be soft or strong, depending if is between to vowels or not. Strong =Rusia) or soft caRgueRo(cargo ship).
He didn’t mention that: Y is pronounced like an i (ee)when used to say “and” as in: Zapatos y Calcetas(shoes & socks). Also it doesn’t talk at all about X which can sound like a J or X or S. EXAMPLES: éxito(success), experiencia(experience), J sound = México, Guaxaca(State in Mexico), S sound = xilófono(Xylophone) There’s not that many X words and you can easily memorize the pronunciation don’t worry.