What Spanish Speakers are watching: Funny commercials

If you tune in to the Spanish tv stations, chances are you’ve seen this commercial. For those who have not, glad to share it with you guys. It’s a Degree ad featuring Andrés Guardado from team Mex/ left midfielder with Deportivo La Coruña, Spanish League.

(For more info on Andrés: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andr%C3%A9s_Guardadohttp://www.goal.com/en/teams/spain/127/deportivo

The commercial’s storyline is simple, yet very silly & entertaining : Some crazy fans break into Andrés’s home and snatch his deodorant.  Andrés swears by his Degree & can’t do without it, so… The chase begins! Throughout the commercial the whole city unites for one goal: Successfully  play keep away with Andrés’s deodorant xD Why? Because the products slogan is : “Players should sweat, fans shouldn’t”



Lol at Andrés driving the forklift. His driving it has nothing to do with the ad, but I bet he asked the director if he could and of course, how could they refuse? =)


Ha! The stunt guy has a twin, so Andres says, “so now there’s 3 Andrés Guardados” Funny.

Team Mexico’s heavenly cheer

If you’re among those wondering  just what the heck the green wave is singing about, just what is that melody they break out in at World Cup games, and Fan Fests this post is for you.

The song in question is called “Cielito Lindo” This is a  song heard far and & wide wherever fans of team Mexico make their vibrant presence  felt,  sung anywhere Mexican brothers and sisters congregate to root on their hopes and dreams. It’s a  song everyone knows , a song that unites, and warms the heart , fills  it with nostalgia and patriotism a song that speaks of the beauty of our home land and tell a sweet story of love. Just sing the first four  ay ay ay ays and people know exactly what you’re about to sing next . When this song is played people don’t  hesitate to  join in,  before you know it you’ve  got a whole happy crown arm in arm singing along. Cielito Lindo  is a world renowned song  a bonified classic and has been sung by some of the most celebrated singers, including opera stars.

VISIT THE FOLLOWING LINK FOR : Lyrics, translation, and history of famous CIELITO LINDO SONG


(Cielito Lindo starts at 2:21)

Mexico’s Angelic Presence in South Africa

The World Cup is so close! Can you savor the anticipation? Check this out, a replica of one of the most famous and venerated Mexican landmarks “The Angel of Independence”, located in Mexico City at who’s base Mexican Heroes are buried has been transported to South Africa. Too cool or what?! Its home in South Africa will be Johannesburg the city in which the Mexico vs South Africa game will open up the grandiose tournament. The statue will serve as a symbol for the radiant and divine beauty that is Mexico & its people.  The location of the statute will serve as a place where:  our compatriots, South African and  international brothers & sisters will be able to celebrate and join in the Mexican spirit.  Guess this gives a whole new meaning to saying that,  El Tri tiene Angel =D Read more on this story(in Spanish) at the following link from El Tri’s official site.


Do you bleed in 3 colors? Vamos “El Tri!”


The count down is on and the world cup is just around the corner! Are all my fellow Aztec warriors ready to cheer for “El Tri”? So here’s the lowdown my friends, Mexico is in group A & will be taking part in the opening match against home team South Africa . The venue: Johannesburg-JSC.  Also in group A are : France & Uruguay.  Starring in the opening game is a big honor for our team and I can’t wait to see them shine!  The date is already circled on my calender and I’m anxiously awaiting for World Cup fever to heat up to full intensity! So get ready guys to ponerse la verde por que si se puede!  Show your support &  follow Team Mexico to victory! Admist all the recent negativity let us unite and represent  the inverse. On this the year of our bicentennial let us proudly say I am from TEAM MEXICO!


Follow Team Mexico on twitter: @El_Tri







Ponte la verde! Wear the green one!

Don’t miss it! Today’s the day to put on the green one!  =)  “Wear the green one” is the way Mexicans say wear your (green) Mexico jersey, or there’s a game on, support the team! Tonight’s game is Mexico vs Iceland , show some love for “El Tri”.

To get into the spirit  here’s some Team Mexico cheer videos ENJOYNESS MUCH!