Soccer & SB 1070

What is the relationship between SB 1070 and Soccer? Good question! One thing about soccer and its History is that it’s always gone hand in hand with Politics. Since the time Benito Mussolini used soccer to promote the Italian Fascist Party to the infamous “Soccer War” between Honduras and El Salvador, soccer was involved.”- Continued

Article  by Cesar Diaz from

SB 1070 :Paisanos we got your back

Across state and national borders the message is resounding “This law is wrong and we won’t stand for it. Brothers & sisters we stand in unity with you. We condemn the trampling of human dignity and human rights ” If you think this is wrong too then join us and let us make our voices heard, let us be peaceful but strong. You can sign petitions, write to your local and national authorities, &  support groups like  C.H.I.R.L.A= Coalition for Humane Immigrant rights of Los Angeles,  your local MECHA, LULAC= Leauge of United Latin American citizens,  NCLR= National Council of La Raza

FOR THOSE JOINING THE BOYCOTT here is a list of some Arizona-based companies that either have operations or sell stuff around there.

  • Best Western
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • Dial Corporation (brands include Citré Shine, Coast, Combat, Dial, Dry Idea, L.A. Looks, Loctite, Purex, Renuzit, Right Guard, Soft & Dri, Soft Scrub, Tone)
  • Fender Musical Instruments
  • Go Daddy
  • PetSmart
  • P.F. Chang’s
  • U-Haul

Today & always, remember “SI SE PUEDE”

Found another really good video, sadly embedding was disabled for it. Click the link below to watch it. Cesar gave  his everything, sacrificing himself for the cause, committed to non violence and civil disobedience. He demonstrated his integrity and conviction through fasts.

Mexican Beauties

Check out this beautiful video, it is the intro to Mexican TV show: “Lo que Callamos Las Mujeres” = The secrets we Women Keep. It’s a long running series that deals with women’s issues, and experiences . Each day a new short drama along with its main character is introduced. Sometimes the stories are sad, serious, and other times they’re lighthearted, fun, and romantic. The show’s storytelling serves as  a form of  commentary on important social issues. The show’s purpose is not only to entertain, but to diffuse information on important topics,to incite consideration and action in its viewers. Fun fact about the show: Many of the contestants from “La Academia”= Mexico’s American Idolesque show become cast members of  “Lo Que Callamos  Las Mujeres.”  This is one of the reasons why the show’s popular. Fans of La Academia like to see their favorite singers act. In conclusion, it’s a really a cool show. If  you are interested, you can watch it on TV on the Azteca America network or online, there’s some videos on YouTube just search “Lo que Callamos Las Mujeres”

S is for Sell Out

“Yea sure ,whatever’s trendy” seems to be the sentiment with some now a days.  No scruples attached, absolutely no sense or sensitivity involved , however plenty of ignorance & strong indifference is what leads to such attitudes & eventually selling out. Carlos Mencia receives a lot of criticism for his boorish,racist, sell out brand of  comedy(and very well deserved it is), while on the other hand George Lopez seems to be riding high now a days thanks to his comedic style.  He somehow seems to garner more approval.  But don’t be fooled, just because the sell out factor isn’t  as obvious does not mean it is not present.  He too loves to showcase & concentrate on ignorant stereotypical portrayals of Hispanics( especially Mexicans) that are: disrespectful, undermine our beautiful culture and are damaging our image as a people.  He loves to talk about gangsters,(His famous, “I know huh?” joke) Mexicans who speak messed up English(His “Mexicans who work at Jack in the Box” joke), and lazy Mexican who’ll do anything to skip work( “Danny boy” character on his sitcom played by him)

Being a person who is in a position to be heard, he gives all this “help” to his people in a country where we are already being bombarded with an onslaught of derogatory , racists put downs and each day the anti immigrant= anti Hispanic movement grows with fierce animosity.

His entire comedy angle revolves around talking about how if your Mexican,by nature you’re: antisocial, aggressive, obsessively frugal, and basically live a ghetto lifestyle all your life. His jokes say, that we can pretend to be educated, and cultured, even interact with other cultures, but in the end our vulgar, uncouth, simply ghetto sides comes out, because this is our true nature. He talks about his family &  explains their (according to him) ghetto experiences to those who don’t know the REAL Mexican culture in a way that seems to say, “just imagine all of Mexicans being this way.”  Those  in the audience who are Mexican , Chicano, or Hispanic &  have lost true connections with their roots laugh and agree stupidly along with all those who are not Mexican & ignorantly find it amusing.  He calls himself Chicano, a beautiful word, but I think some use it as their safety net. It’s convenient at times to be Chicano , because that means your not so Mexican. That’s what it seems like when people like George Lopez keep flip-flopping.

During his sitcom you’ll notice that  he keeps switching between,  knowing how to speak Spanish with ease, like when he wants to cuss and then being all white washed and acting like he can’t pronounce words properly in Spanish without an English accent. There’s one episode (George Lopez Show)where he exhibits this “I don’t know Spanish” attitude, he goes to a  drive through and finds it exceedingly hard to comprehend the worker at the window due to his Spanish accent. His reaction is like “Huh? What is this gibberish?”, so as to augment the ignorant appearance of the Hispanic character.  Also here is another very ignorant comment he made during an episode of his sitcom when he had to attend a wedding . He was afraid to reveal to his wife that he was embarrassed due to HIS lack of dancing skills. He said “It’s easy for you, you’re Cuban you got dancing in your blood. I’m Mexican, the only dance we have is around a hat .”  First of all I’m tired of people being so ignorant about our culture that is a dance that important to our  folklore representing the wonderful state of Jalisco,”El Jarabe Tapatio” = Jarabe meaning syrup or elixir, referring to the mixture of rhythms in this style of music & Tapatio referring to anything coming Guadalajara. I hate when the real name is totally disregarded and changed in English to  “The Mexican Hat dance”.  And the song for this dance is thought of as funny Mexican music, because you’ll see it played in all kinds of stereotypical media. Well George saying that he can’t dance because he’s Mexican, is just so stupid.  That was such a mega super, ridiculously ignorant comment of him to make because Mexicans & Mexican Americans love, love, love to go dancing.   And news flash, there are Mexican dances.  There is Mexican Cumbias, La Quebradita, Banda music, Durangese style dancing,  and the list goes on…..

Why talk smack on your culture and in essence yourself.  Why be pseudo Latino = just  Hispanic enough to be “in” for Hollywood, but not too much so as to be able to turn it off at times.

So George Lopez is getting a lot of attention lately with his new talk show where he continues to contribute & be part of the problem. (The talk show has the character Chola girl, maybe following suit & drawing some “inspiration”  from Jimmy Kimmel’s side kick boorish,clod Guillermo.) Seems though that might have something  to do with the fact that  The Tonight Show with Conan O’brien is no longer on air. I think that such a big name leaving  gave other lesser shows, especially newbies a sort of confidence &  So this new talk show starts to gain an “up & coming” rep.

Latinos For Haiti

With warmth and brotherhood, with the spirit of cooperation, Hispanic Celebs will join forces to help Haiti during a special on the Univision network “United for Haiti”. As soon as the show was announced celebrities hurried to join efforts immediately. The show’s goal is to raise funds and obtain help in other forms as well for those in need.  The show will take place this Saturday starting at 7 PM/6 central .

Among the Celebrities who will be present:

Pee Wee

Alejandra Guzman

Ricki Martin

Daddy Yankee

Natalia( La Quinta Estacion band)

Pepe Aguilar,


Gloria Estefan

David Bisbal

Paulina Rubio

Luis Fonsi


Willie Chirino

Graciela Beltran

Olga Tañon


Alejandro Sanz


2010 La Nacion Azteca adelante con coraje y passion!

Thanks to freedom of speech & the miracles of technology now every bigoted, obtuse, ignoramus has the ability to spew inane drivel all over the internet.  There are blogs which accuse & ridicule with narrow-mindedness, blogs that write about cholos & cholas, entries with such tittles as “Dirty Mexicans up to no good.”  These blogs are established with the sole intent of slandering and tarnishing us all with blind prejudice.

We’ve had enough!  We’re tired of  being offended!  We are beyond appalled,  feel disheartened at the anti Mexican blogs we read, and would like to say that, seeing such things sadden us.  LOL  Yea  they’d love to hear that, wouldn’t they? Well we have news for them : Not on your life!  Keep it coming!  We love it!  You underestimate us and we love it, because that means that you will never see us coming. We thrive on such feeble tactics. We hear your ignorance &  it drives us, it inspires our ambition, it fuels our fire!  My warrior brothers & sisters of the Aztec nation let us thrive, overcome, conquest & prevail on this the year of our bicentennial. Let us make 2010 the year that Mexicans everywhere show the world their true Aztec Warrior within.

In order to achieve this, let us make this year about : promoting, receiving, and propagating the pursuit  of continuous edification & a never ending thirst for knowledge. A sound education is the key to a brighter future. Let us strive for education in whatever form it maybe.

In 2010 let us show case & represent with ardor the beauty of our culture ,past & present, including our colorful & cool pop culture.  Let’s make it so that  being Mexican may come to be associated with:  gallantry, splendor, refinement, class, non violence, superlative aptitude, and brilliant intellect. Let this be the year that we unite in brotherhood. A year in which we elevate & honor our people & our heritage.  Let us reject all that would do other wise, that which would go against all the hard work & suffering that our fellow warriors realize & endure.  Let us join together with love & respect for one another & help each other out.  We are all in this together.

Let being Mexican be associated with benevolence, contribution, and passionate, earnest, endeavorers. Let Mexicans be associate with warm hearts, a helping hand, and pure, faithful, steadfast  friendships.

In 2010 let us protect and venerate the Mexican woman’s reputation and image.  Make our Aztec princesses gain admiration &  respect through all our achievements, contributions, and commendable actions. Here’s to demonstrating our creativity, originality, ingenuity, and artistry.  To leaving a radiant an awe inspiring legacy. Let us restore the grandeur & sanctity of our land, rescue it from those who blemish it.  Let our land be stripped of the reputation which is associated with a gaudy& cheap tourist destination.   Let this be a year in which we proudly commit to imparting our story  communicating and celebrating our astounding history.

Si se pudo y  Si se pude , y siempre se podrá!  Para el 2010 en el año que nuestra bendita patria cumple su bicentenario vamos a mostrar le a todos esos  soberbios, ignorantes , racistas,  quien es el Mexicano.  Que somos cholos, matones, ignorantes, flojos, criminales, conchudos, drogadictos, malvivientes, rateros, corrientes que solo servimos para llenarnos de niños…..etc. Que somos de una nación muerta de hambre y atrasada, que causamos lastima.  Eso hablan de nosotros. Rompamos en billones de pedacitos hasta que ya no sean roconocibles los esterotipos que se le attribuyen a los Mexicanos. Pues aquí en todo esto esta el reto , y se que su corazon fortificado por sangre de guerreros, y su espíritu apasionado les incitara solo una  respuesta: Yo soy Mexicano y no me rajo!

Picture credits:

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2010 Marks Mexico’s Bicentenial

2010 will be  a very special year  for the Aztec nation for it will mark the bicentennial of their Mexico Lindo y Querido (beautiful & beloved) for all Mexicans. During 2010, 100 years since the Mexican Revolution and 200 since the struggle & victory for the nation’s independence will be commemorated. Many celebrations & ceremonies in order to begin the count down have already taken place & many more festivals, projects, and plans have been elaborated & are are set to take off  just for this extraordinarily grand occasion.

One of the illustrious & patriotic projects set to inaugurate during the celebration of the the Mexican bicentennial is :Torre del Bicentinario = Bicentennial Tower is currently in progress & is expected to be completed by 2010 in  the center of Mexico City. The tower will beat the current  holder of  the title : “Latin America’s tallest building”  Torre Mayor which is 738 feet (55 stories) also located in Mexico City.  Torre del Bicentenario will be 984 feet tall and 85 stories. The building will be home to offices, restaurants , a gym,  a museum, &  much more, including  a convention center. The building is composed of two pyramidal shaped stacked together.

The part where the two pyramids intersect is the location of a glass sky lobby which will allow magnificent views of the park adjent to the building and spectacular views of the city stretching out before it.  The cost= an estimated $600 million. The design is said to be product of Rem Koolhaas famous for his designs of the Prada stores in New York &  L.A  as well as the Seattle Central Library. The tower will commemorate the start of the Mexican battle for independence from Spain.

Another  notable Bicentennial enterprising endeavor will be “Arco del Bicentinario” =  Bicentenial Arc.  The arc will be inaugurated in Mexico City. 37 of the best Mexican architects where hand selected to work on this historic national  & patriotic project. Among the 37 talents: Alberto Kalach, Javier Sordo Madaleno, Enrique Norten, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Teodoro González de León, Ricardo Legorreta Vilchis y Fernando González Gortázar.

The Arc is set to be inaugurated Sep 15 of 2010 the eve of Mexico’s Independence day.

The arc’s bases will be set : one near “Lions’ Gate”  in Chapultepec Forest & the other in Ariel Park. It will run length wise along Reform Promenade  & will be set at a height  between an altitude that will be between the entrance to Chapultepec Castle &   “La Torre Mayor”  =The Great Tower, currently  the tallest building in Latin America.

Yet another occurrence linked to the celebration is the release of new money. The new money(coins & bills)  has already entered into circulation and will help to illustrate very important chapters in Mexico’s history: the revolution of 1910 & the crusade for independence. National Heroes depicted on the Bicentennial coins include:  Ignacio  Lopez Rayon, Francisco Xavier Mina, Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos, Mariano Matamoros, Carlos Maria de Bustamante….   The new Bills: On the new 200 peso bill Miguel Hidalgo father of the Mexican Revolution will be depicted on the reverse the famous patriotic landmark  The Angel of Independence. On the 100 peso bill the picture of a locomotive transporting revolutionaries of the  armed movement that began in 1910 is depicted on the reverse part of the famous mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros  entitled “From Porfirisum to Revolution”

for more info on the coins & history of the heroes  you can visit :



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Target’s Racists costumes : & THE HATE GOES ON

Ileg Alien01035914.detail.aSexy Illegal

(Sexy illegal Alien: complete with sombrero& poncho)

The Target Racist ass costumes incident has show us all one thing very clearly : & The intense, ugly HATE goes on.There are such strong reactions and condemnation on the whole subject of black face, but it’s funny how things like the costume thing can fly, well at least at first, which is just as bad as all together Right Under the Radar!  To us Hispanics, this is our black face. This is their way of telling us “We hate you!”, “You’re different”,  “To us you’re ugly, strange, sub creatures”.

The following Exerps from article “Behind The Mask” by -Yvette Cabrera

“But the controversy unmasked sentiments that have been brewing for years and have nothing to do with Halloween. For Zeke Hernandez, who is president of the Santa Ana LULAC council, the broader problem is that there is a “wave of misunderstanding,” when it comes to the immigration debate. All too often immigrants and Latinos in particular are dehumanized in a discourse that devolves into a bashfest. “I believe that it is essential to respect one another, and Halloween should not be used to scare people into hating other people,” says Hernandez.
“The costume fiasco drew praise from some anti illegal-immigrant groups who ridiculed the backlash and praised the costumes as funny.”

“The only people getting upset are the hyper-sensitive, over-politically correct, pro-amnesty, illegal alien-supporting nuts,” wrote William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration in Raleigh, N.C., on his group’s Web site.
Others jumped aboard. One reviewer wrote of the costume, “If there was only a way to depict him in an emergency room… or getting financial aid at a state college! Then it’d be 5 stars.”

“The Coalition for Human Immigrants Rights group in Los Angeles has been bombarded by hate mail, including this e-mail:
“I think you should go back to Mexico and Juarez and be killed there.”

“Such hatred is sometimes hidden behind another type of mask by those who claim they only oppose illegal immigration, but then proceed to single out, stereotype and verbally bash Mexicans and other Latinos. Sooner or later, the darkness creeps out, Halloween or not.”
“But many Latinos have had enough of the demonization.”


You look can also find  LULAC on twitter, they are even divided up into districts thus I could not post just one single twitter account.

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles
2533 W. Third Street, Suite 101
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Toll-free – 1.888.6-CHIRLA [1.888.624.4752

Telephone – 213.353.1333
Fax – 213.353.1344

hiplogoThe Harvard Immigration Project.

Email:  hip@law




Deja Huella Educate: Los Hispanos Y la educación

“Unfortunately, Latinos have the lowest high school and college completion rates of any racial or ethnic group. Despite recent advances in educational attainment, reports from the U.S. Census Bureau reveal that serious discrepancies remain when Hispanic educational levels are compared to other groups:

Hispanics registered a 23.8 percent high school dropout rate, the highest of any major racial or ethnic group (ages 16 to 24), compared to 7 percent for non-Hispanic whites.*
In 2000, 36% percent of Hispanic high-school graduates ages 18 to 24 enrolled in colleges and universities, compared to 44 percent of non-Hispanic whites.*
About 12 percent of Hispanic adults currently have a bachelor’s degree, compared with 30.5 percent of non-Hispanic whites.*
*National Center for Education Statistics, Status and Trends in the Education of Hispanics.-
Hispanic Scholarship Fun.Org
Tenemos que luchar! Tenemos que mejorar nuestra cituacion! No podemos seguir dejando que nos ataquen y nosotros sin armas. Educate superate. Superemosnos!  Si se puede RAZA! Digamos y demostremos con nuestras acciones “YO NO SOY MENOS YO SI PUEDO!”
lA IGNORANCIA MATA! Mata la causa daña a la raza, disuelve la lucha!

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