Novelas becoming a Hit in China

It’s being reported that two Novelas are making it big right now in China. The first is a story that everyone fell in love with as soon as it debuted. It garnered so much success and ratings that it wasn’t long before remakes by different countries were being produced.  I’m talking about  Colombia’s “Betty La Fea”= Betty The Ugly Girl .  Mexico’s version was, “La Fea Mas Bella ” = The Most Beautiful Ugly Girl”, the US had “Ugly Betty”,  Germany had “Alles Betty”,  just to name a few.  And still the concept’s popularity continues as China prepares to air the 4th season of its version of the story “Ugy girl with no Rival”. While this novela is being remade with Asian actors, the other drama which is enjoying success in China is being broadcasted in it’s original state.  That dramas is… Mexico’s “Destilando Amor”= Distilling Love. That’s right this is a novela who’s concept is not being borrowed, tweaked, and remade.  The actual original work in its entirety, including: original actors, and storyline is being showcased. Thus our wonderful culture is crossing borders and diffusing it’s beauty. According to the article which reported the success of these two novelas, they are in the Top 3 most watch Dramas of the moment in China. I hope that this is a sign of things to come.

For sometime now the Asian Culture wave has been expanding & as it has, it’s been winning followers and creating enthusiasts where ever it spreads. A large part of its success is due to the diffusion of pop culture, especially music and dramas. If you are not a drama fan, you may not be aware…But dramas are a HUGE deal! Drama fans or “Drama addicts” as they like to call themselves are very devout enthusiasts. Here is an example: Dramas that are not broadcasted across borders or subbed by the original broadcaster still make it big thanks to dedicated “subbers” and “up-loaders”. These are fans who work to help those who couldn’t otherwise enjoy dramas through special sites, sites made by Drama fans for Drama fans. Drama’s are a big deal, because there’s a very special chain reaction that occurs thanks to dramas. Thanks to dramas: fans have become interested in Asian music when listening to the soundtrack while watching the drama , they also  fall in love with the actors which leads them to follow said actors on other shows, and while becoming so fascinated with all these cool and fun things some fans become interest in the language in which they watch dramas,  eventually deciding to study it. I would love it if our culture could be shared, and appreciated with such enthusiasm. I’d love to see sites where Novelas are being subbed and shared with others. I’d love to see more of our actors & singers become popular in countries where Spanish is not spoken.

Mexican Charros: Before rap there was Coplas

It’s time for a  “Coplas” battle!  A couplet back & forth between the two men that were the epitome and embodiment of the Charro way of life. The  legendary Jorge Negrette & Pedro Infante. The kings of the silver screen during what is called Mexico’s “Golden Cinema” era. Pedro was knows as the charming and delightful, playful, playboy of sorts, while Jorge who once had sung opera was known for his grand, deep & velvety voice,  along with his overall gallant & chivalrous, romantic, sophisticated demeanor. Coplas are very much  like rap battles in that the singers talk back & forth to each other during a song.  The famous coplas were very common in  Mexican  films  dealing with Charros.


PEDRO: People state sincerely every time that wedlock is going take place. “The groom should love her always or else prepare him a wake(he’s dead).”But for this bride there’ll be  no worries for she’ll have a good husband.  Good Jorge, he’s a good thing.  Well, at least his last name is. Good Jorge, he’s so good. Son of  a good man, and his grandpa oh soo good too.  Oh to be named like him!

JORGE: I will procure to be as good as my name states.  Let he who asks for a wake, down his own poison.  Pedro is bad down to his last name, backing out is his forte. He’s just a show off , because he knows he’s not just bad, he’s really bad.(bad as in  poor quality, faulty, weak). Bad Pedro, he’s so bad. Bad by obligation, and his grandpa oh so bad! We must buy him his lion.

PEDRO: On a golden morning someone darkened the landscape. It was a crow and a  parrot tearing each others feathers out.  Let us forget the past if  fate is the true culprit. Don’t you know that if  you mix good and bad, it turns into something regular. (* He’s hinting at that fact that he’s been wooing George’s sister)Yes I’m bad.  I don’t deny it, but I want to try mixing, and see if I  can get something regular as a  the result.

JORGE: A certain poisonous scorpion visited a beehive. He want to see if he could get rid of his venomous condition with honey, but what is good & pure does not lend it self for the pleasure of the wicked. With the mix of honey & poison he is now purged.  Let it be understood by who ever can understand. If, he can understand it. If he does not… then obligate him to, we must.

PEDRO: You know very well that I am not foolish like you…. have boasted.

JORGE: Dumb maybe not, but a meddler….  due to hunger… for friendship.

PEDRO: My hunger, I always quell with a friend’s feast.

JORGE: Not a beggar, but a scoundrel,  he who steals from friends.

PEDRO: So you say.

JORGE: I sustain it!

PEDRO: Don’t get tired.

JORGE: Don’t  elude this!

PEDRO: I think I will!

JORGE: Then this ballad is over!