Mexican Soccer league: On the way to the 2010 Bicentennial Tourney

The “Bicentennial Tournament” will simply be the regular Closing Tournament renamed in honor of Mexico’s Bicentennial festivities.  As with the end of every championship & eve of every new competition , excitement, mystery, uncertainty, and plenty of anticipation fill the air as talks & decisions  for change take place.

*For complete calender of Bicentennial games please see bottom of post.

One of the biggest stories from the draft this time around deals with  my beloved golden foot &  favorite captain of my dear Chivas : Ramon “Ramoncito” Morales who is going through quite a trying ordeal with the future of his career being in limbo. Ramoncito was completley snubbed by the “Liga de Acenso” (ascending league) during the recent draft.  * The Mexican league is dived into 1st division and the afore mentioned league. After tournaments, teams are evaluated & will either qualify to ascend to 1st division or “descend” to the latter.  Now many are saying that favorable or not his only two choices are : To remain with Chivas Guadalajara where he has a standing contract or go abroad.  The reason why a move was so vital, even if it was to the Acenso league, he will be part of the bench during  The “Bicentennial Tournament” & as for the 2010 Interliga(the InterLiga is a football competition between Mexican clubs to determine qualifying spots for that country in South America’s premier club) Chivas will not take  part in this tourney & if he remains he will see no play time.  At length he was offered a position by Queretaro & the MLS, but Mr. Morales said that it seemed only reasonable & proper for him to go ahead &  finish out his current contract with Guadalajara.
*Another notable change affecting Chivas, Adolfo “El Bofo” Bautista after having a very prosperous run with Jaguares (Chiapas) will return to  “The sacred flock” (Chivas)
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As for other major events taken place during the draft, I present the following “Highs(altas) & lows (bajas)of the draft” chart  with the names of teams & their new players. Source & credits:

Congratulations to League Champions Monterey!

A great battle took place this evening between soccer teams Cruz Azul & Monterey during the Aperture Tournament in Mexico’s Soccer League. Cruz Azul had home team advantage as the game took place in “El Estadio Azul” = Blue Stadium, but to no avail was that advantage as Monterey were crowned champions.

The final score: 2-1. Global: 6-4.

GOALS: Aldo De Nigris  minute 54 , Humberto”El Chupete” Suazo minute 91 for Monterey. Cruz Azul’s goal came at  minute 77  scored by Alejandro Castro.


Aldo De Nigris of Monterrey  dedicating his goal to the memory of his brother  Antonio De Nigris(depicted on Aldo’s shirt) fellow soccer star who played for Greek first division club Larissa.  Antonio passed on recently as he was afflicted with heart failure.

Chupete Celebrates.

The game was intense and warriors on both teams left it all on the field.

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