Celebrated Mexican Journalist Germán Dehesa Passes away

Mexico grieves the loss of writer, journalist, playwright,  German Dehesa (1944-2010) . He first disclosed his battle with cancer in his column  back in August of this year. He promised his readers to write for as long as his illness would allow. He passed Thursday, Sept 2. He is survived by his wife and four children.


He studied both chemical engineering and Hispanic literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico better know as UNAM, he worked as a professor there as well for over 25 years. In 2008 he recieved the Don Quixote award for Journalism awarded to him by Juan Carlos I King of Spain. On August 11 of this year was recognized as a  “Distinguished Citizen” by the Mexico city government..

He was a writer with the “Reforma” group, his work was also published in about 50 other publications nationwide. He became famous due to his masterful ability to play & create with the Spanish language. His dynamic writing style was informative and entertaining, as he wrote by making use of curious and original idioms,expressions found in Mexican Spanish. The employment of  news spellings and double entendres, were  some of the neat tricks he used to create works of humor & genius. He mixed both the critical with the mundane and invited everyone to put their analytical caps on. His column”The Angel’s Gazzete” became famous as it was a work elaborated in colloquial and simple language. Here he shared anecdotes from his personal experiences, talked about current events, experiences common to everyone, along with the expression of his political and critical thought. The column was especially acclaimed for its mini column within the column, a section entitled “How’d You Sleep last night?” In which he called out authorities, expressing grievance, &  dissatisfaction towards ineffective politicians and other lacking posts. Beginning in 06′ the “How’d You Sleep Last Night?” column was mostly dedicated to Arturo Montiel.

He joined the ESPN team as a commentator earlier this year on the show  “Capitanes de ESPN”  along side Jose Ramon Fernandez, Rafael Puente, Hector Huerta. For his brilliant reflections and commentary on Mexican society Mr. Dehesa will continue to be admired and celebrated.

Books by Mr. Dehesa :

  • Adiós a las trampas  = Goodbye to traps
  • La familia (y otras demoliciones)= The Family (and other demolitions)
  • ¡Qué modos!: usos y costumbres Tenochcas
  • ¿Cómo nos arreglamos? Prontuario de la corrupción de México
  • Las nuevas aventuras de El Principito
  • No basta ser padre = It’s not enough to be a father


  • Tapadeus III
  • El gabinete de Belem
  • Borges con música
  • El pórtico de las palomas
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Blog post about his life & passing in English


Mexican Online Radio

I recently ran across a great webpage that has a list of links to all kinds of  radio stations from all across Mexico.  Keep up with latest news, en vogue music, find fun variety programing,you can even listen to university radio stations, & much more!  Whether you speak Spanish and are looking to keep in touch with what going on with Mexico, or are learning Spanish and looking for a cool and fun way to sharpen your listening/comprehension skills, or maybe you just want to learn about a new culture or get into a new type music . Or if you’re Mexican & want to keep up with the latest in your state, or  hometown… etc  Here is your fix my friends!

The link is:


Ok, Once you are on the page, you will find a list on the left side(it will be under the bright orange button that says Mexico). This  is a list of all the Mexican States A-Z. Once you click on a state a list of all the stations that belong to that state will drop down. *To listen to Mexico City radio stations click on  “Distrito Federal” first, then “Cd. de Mexico” (which stands for Ciudad de Mexico= Mexico City).  After you choose the State & city you want to listen to, a list with the different media player(windows, real, iTunes, “otro” = other) options will appear in the middle of the page.  Clicking “Web” is the easiest, because it automatically directs you to the radio station’s webpage & that will most likely have a media player already broadcasting. This won’t work for all so you might have to fiddle a bit & choose a  media player that’s right for you. If a connection is down, or there’s some compatibility issues, don’t despair keep trying or switch to another station , the choices really are plentiful & it’s not that hard to get it going in a matter of seconds.

Ok ,well hope you guys finds this post : cool, informative, and helpful. ENJOYNESS MUCH!!  =)

In our thoughts

Sad news for soccer fans this morning especially for those who are followers of team America(of the Mexican Soccer League). It was reported early this morning that around 5:oo am America’s striker Salvador “Chava” Cabañas had been shot in the head while out at a bar with his wife. He was apparently attacked while visiting the restroom. When brought in to the hospital Mr. Cabañas was still conscious, and was able to answer questions administered to him. He underwent surgery this morning and is said to be in critical condition. He was suffering of heart complications.  As soon as the news broke out, many of his teammates & franchise officials quickly made it to the hospital to offer their support to Chava & his family. Surgeons and specialists have announced that whatever measures or specific procures take place will have to be taken under careful and punctilious consideration, due to the precarious lodging of the  bullet.

“Cabanas is one of Paraguay’s most highly-rated players and was part of their FIFA World Cup™ squad in Germany. The striker, who has scored over 100 times in the Mexican top-flight, has netted 18 goals in 24 matches this season.”- www.fifa.com

This indeed is a heinous act perpetrated on a young man who is a bright talent. Soccer fans everywhere offer our condolences to his family on the occurrence of this horrible,odious ordeal and wish for a full & speedy recovery. May those at fault be brought to justice.

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Mexico’s Topos join rescue effort in Haiti

The Rescue Brigade “Topos” of  Tlatelolco has set of to Haiti . The plan as explained by Director of  the institution and leader in operations Fernando Alvarez, is to have form 18 to 24 experts on the island by this Saturday. On Thursday the first group of 6 took of on their mission. The members of the brigade intend to provide : aid in search & rescue missions, pre hospitilization medical attention to those hurt, and general assistance to the affected. He went on to say that their flight which took place on a private plane was made possible with help from hotel businesses and the Caritas delegation in Cancún(a non profit org), which provided emergency provisions, and  essential items to be transported to the isle. The next group to be sent over will be comformed of a canine unit and those armed with the special tools necessary for further advancement in search & rescue.

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Mexico: Making headlines now


*Moises Saba dies in helicopter accident: Mr. Saba was an Industry captain, member of the renowned line of impresarios with influence in diverse sectors , a prevalent figure in Mexican society. Bried history: He became president of  Unefon in ’99 a prominent mobile communications franchise.  Was a Board member for the internet provider Cosmofrecuencias .  Took part in the textile & communications industries as executive president of  Textiles Ayotla & Grupo Alsavisión, and by buying 50% de Radio Televisora Centro, S.A. de C.V,  a company which bought Television Azteca from the Mexican government.  Once owner of soccer team Veracruz, then team Morelia.  Also operated  Ecocinemas movie theaters and had two hotels in Acapulco : The Grand Hotel Acapulco Crowne Plaza. In Israel owned a television channel. He was killed in a helicopter crash in the outskirts of Mexico city last Sunday night. Four deaths were the result of the accident, with three victims being of the Saba family.

Complete story: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN10646920100111?type=marketsNews

*Mexico makes  the Top ten 10 in the list of  Happiest countries in the world: Mexico has ranked 7th in a study conducted by The World Database of Happiness. The results  the study are being attributed by many to the following conclusion :  Mexicans have the virtue of being capable of judging their quality of life positively. The ranking is as  follow:Happiest #1 = Costa Rica, #2  Denmark, #3Iceland,#4 Switzerland, #5Canada,#6 Norway,#7 Mexico, #8Finland,#9 Sweden, #10Panamá, #11Luxembourg ,  #12Colombia.

See slide show related to this headline at : http://www2.eluniversal.com.mx/pls/impreso/noticia.html?id_nota=22063&tabla=miami

*Severe  Weather Conditions :   Rain, sleet & snow!  Mexico is freezing over it seems , as the cold will not seize. The cold has gotten so severe that  in 10 states school was canceled. In 20 out of the 32 Mexican states the temperature is a least -5. Conditions are especially serious for young children and older citizens as they are more acutely affected by such conditions. 9 deaths is the sum so far attributed to the harsh weather. Among the affected state :Aguascalientes, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Distrito Federal, Durango, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, México, Nuevo León, Puebla, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Sonora, Tamaulipas, Tlaxcala, Veracruz y Zacatecas.

More on this story: http://www2.eluniversal.com.mx/pls/impreso/noticia.html?id_nota=22063&tabla=miami

*Entertainment- Comedian Carlos Villagran to say goodbye to his  famous character “Quico” Mr. Villa gran who has just turned 66 is getting ready to set of on the last tour with his circus “Quico’s New Circus”. Here he plans to retire the character that made him famous & launched his career. “Quico” was a character which he played on

famous writer, producer, & comedian idol Roberto Gomez Bolaños’s program ” Chavo del 8″

More on this story:  http://mx.entertainment.yahoo.com/especialesnoticias04.html

SPORTS: More Drama for Chivas : Amidst more drama , turmoil, confusion, and accusations surrounding the team, goal keeper Luis Michel is named new team captain.

Follow this story: http://mx.sports.yahoo.com/noticias/d-sport-luis-michel-advirtio-solapara-nadie-12012010-75.html

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(Foto: EFE)