Mexican soccer: Showing support for “Chava”

Cool slide show, pictures of  The Mexican Soccer league showing their support for player Salvador “Chava” Cabañas, who received a gunshot wound to the cranium on Jan 25 while relaxing at a bar with his wife and brother-in-law. Fans, players, and club staff alike showed their support by the dedication of messages.


In case you don’t read Spanish here are some translations of the messages:

From teams-

Famous rival team for America,(Chava’s team) Team Chivas wrote: “Rivalry on the field solidarity off the field. Come back soon Chava” ,

“Chava, team Indios and the state of Chihuahua are with you.”

“Chava you’re going to be Ok”- Player Omar Bravo’s shirt.

“Fight with all your strength Chava, we are with  you.”- Team Queretaro,

“Chava get well soon!”- Team Tigres,

“Strenght Chava, team Cruz Azul is with you!”


“Let’s go Chava you can do it! ”

“Because you showed me true love exists, I am blue & gold,I’m with you Salvador”

“The Jungle(nickname for Chiapas famous for its jungles)is with you Cabañas”