SB 1070 Update

Jan Brewer: “Bloqueo parcial de ley Arizona es ‘un pequeño sobresalto en camino”

Arizona Immigration Law: Sections BLOCKED By Federal Judge

Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law

SB1070 Partial injuction Denounced by  Puente Movement

Fighting:discrimination, fear, and hate. What it means to get on the bus!

Video of those ridding in  the caravan of buses headed  to Arizona in order to make their presence felt and voices heard, against racist law SB1070. This video posted by Jose Lara. Mr. Lara is a social justice educator with United Teachers Los Angeles and  Union del Barrio South Central L.A.  He is the 2010 winner of California Teachers Association’s Cesar Chavez Human Rights award. Find him on Facebook and YouTube by searching JoseLara’s Video Blog


Congressman Luis Gutierrez Arrested @ Rally

About 35 immigrant advocates have been arrested in front of the White House fence, including a U.S. congressman, after they sat down and defied orders from police.

Protesters are usually required to stay in motion when demonstrating in front of the White House. U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois was among those detained on a nearby bus.

Many of those arrested Saturday held letters of a sign saying, “Obama, Stop Deporting our Families.”

Hundreds of protesters turned out for the rally at Lafayette Park, urging President Barack Obama to fulfill his campaign promises to achieve immigration reform.

Immigration Nazis: Woman Gives Birth Chained to hospital bed

The immigrant experience, the reality of what is isn’t being diffused is  upsetting , repulsive,  ,appalling, deplorable, and  ghastly…  Pure and unmitigated indignation.  Everyday the hate breeds more and more, and things become grossly enveloped in sadistic animosity , and ugly, gratuitous violence. For immigrants the situation has advanced far past just being looked down on & being told to go home. The fact of the matter is  that there are people  in high places who have set out on a mission to make their lives a living hell as a form of “lesson”.   They claim to be patriotic citizens, upholders and advocates of the law. Immigration Nazis is what they truly are.  It is “their America” & their “struggle.” Let us take a closer look at their despotic, tyrannical tactics.  A fine example of those executing unjust and morally  reprehensible acts  wholeheartedly & with a fervent  passion is Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona, better known to Immigration reformists & human rights activist as public enemy #1.

“In 2007, reporters Paul Giblin and Ryan Gabrielson began investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. Their findings (as many of you know) were that Arpaio’s hellbent focus on hunting down undocumented immigrants was detrimental to overall public safety in the county. The  five-piece set of articles entitled “Reasonable Doubt” highlighted the racial profiling inherent in Arpaio’s 287(g) campaign.”-

TAKE  the case of a mother who was arrested in her ninth month of pregnancy (Mrs. Chacon seen here during an interview with Telemundo channel 52 as she recalls the tragic & unjust treatment she endured during 2008)
She was stopped  by one of Arpaio’s officers for no other reason than ,  her Hispanic appearance .  She had her daughter with her  at the time & was told that if someone did not come & pick up the child with in half an hour she would be given up to the state.  She was placed in a cell where that night she began to bleed, she was afraid of giving birth there. She was removed and taken to a local hospital, but not before being handcuffed, hand & feet. “I rode in the ambulance, bound, by hands and feet.”  she said during a interview . “As we approached the hospital I thought, Once we get there I’m certain they will untie me.”
They did not. Mrs. Chacon was cuffed, both hands and feet to the hospital bed. Not even when the nursed asked to preform routine tests such as a urine sample was she untied.  The officer who was in custody of Mrs. Chacon merely responded insensibly and indifferently, “I will not untie her,  I don’t care what you do or how you figure something out.”
As the officer said, through the whole ordeal, she was Never untied. Mrs. Chacon gave birth chained to a bed like an animal. From the start she was  restrained and confided in the matter in which distraught and dangerous criminals are handled.  She was treated in ways that, if were  it not an immigrant being put through such methods, but an “American Citizen” it would be scandalous and unheard of.
Mrs. Chacon recalls that the saddest and hardest part of it all was being by herself. “I was alone, I had no one there. Not a friend or family member present to console me. ”  As if the humiliation and abuse had not been enough, when a nurse asked the guard  if she could please have Mrs. Chacon hold her child a moment, she was denied.   It was also said of the new born that if a family member did not come and claim the child with in 72 hours, the baby would be given up to the state as well. After giving birth Mrs. Chacon was returned to the detention center, once again bound hands & feet. Because of the poor conditions,  treatment , and neglect she suffered and infection after giving birth that was practically ignored. For the next few months she endured humiliation, fear, and loneliness at the detention center.
She says that what really broke her heart was not being able to see her child in the most important first moments of her life. She never got to do all the special and essential things such as breastfeeding her baby. It is criminal atrocities such as these that Immigration Nazis like Arpaio back , promote & propagate.  His response to those against his actions “Too bad, I’m going to keep up all that I’m doing, no matter how ever long it takes as longs I can make them uphold the law.”
I say: Tell us then Sir, who will make YOU uphold the  laws of humanity & common decency??!!

For many ICE has become the new Gestapo.

If you are obtuse enough, you  can come up with enough labels to separate & classifies us all now in the past, in  future and beyond, but the truth is :a human being, is a human being, IS A HUMAN BEING!