Grab your Partner!!

Today’s post is about Mexicans and DANCING !! So grab your partner! Cuz  it’s the weekend & it’s time to unwind & have some fun! In my last post I wrote about how George Lopez once dissed his own people & culture saying that Mexicans really can’t dance, and that the only dance they have is around a hat.  As I said before,  Au contrare pally! Mexicans love to dance & Mexico has lot’s of popular dances that are not folkloric. Dancing is HUGE with Mexicans, it’s a very popular pass time that’s near & dear for both native Mexicans , Mexican Americans, and all Mexicans abroad. Mexicans love dancing and are proud of the dancing styles that come from Mexico. Many young kids would rather go to clubs that play traditional and modern Mexican dance music instead of going to regular clubs that just play pop, techno, & hip hop. For some people dancing is like more than just a pass time, it’s an obsession. They go dancing religiously, take classes, enter competitions, and form clubs. Some girls are so into dancing that they refuse to date guys who don’t dance. And it’s not only the young kids either, many parents love to dance at family parties or still make time to go out dancing during their free time.  Being Friday night, I bet there’s a bunch of people going out to dance tonight just like in these videos. Hope they have a blast, those crazy kids =)  Later on I’d like to post more info about the different types of Mexican dances, but today I wanna share some simple videos.  Today’s dance rhythm is = Mexican Cumbias

A group of  young Mexicans who participated in a Cumbia exhibition that took place in France =) Yay way to represent guys!!

A Mexican young man teaching a Ukrainian young lady how dance Cumbia.

The vid description on this one said, “Me & my girlfriend. It was raining , couldn’t go out, and so we decided to dance.”  They really used their indoor time wisely lol they recorded and posted more vids of different Mex dance styles  they had fun with that day. oh that will come in handy =) Anyway I like this couple, good synergy.

Advanced cumbia moves

Older adult couples dancing during a Cumbia session that took place in “El Palacio de Bellas Artes”= The famous “Palace of Fine Arts”, Cultural Center in Mexico DF

LMAO . Just two guys goofing around dancing Cumbia

Spanish Class: Slang & Cool phrases


Curious about slang in Spanish, wondering about popular &  fun expressions??

Yup it’s all about SLANG in today’s Spanish Section.   ENJOYNESS MUCH!!(DISCLAIMER : As always I apologize for any misspellings as my skills in that department suck. Especially accents so I’m not even gonna try & mess with that =P .    Also this is a  Mexican culture blog, so the slang I will be covering is of course  Mexican Spanish)

Andale!   = An exclamation which can mean  OMG!/ Incredible!/ You don’t say!

Andale literally means   “go ahead”. You can use it in  this way to say : hurry up, Or to encourage someone who is unsure.

Example:  “Did you hear that Susie just broke up with Steve?”  “Andale!” /  “Didn’t I tell you to bring me some water?!” “Andale!” / “Girl I like  the new guy, but… ” “Andale!” (go get him!)

Es broma/Es chiste/= It’s a joke

No te creas= Literally this means “Don’t believe it.” Is used to mean just kidding.

EXAMPLES: “Do you think this outfit is  ugly?”  “Yes, where’d you buy it?!”  “Ha ha,  No te creas es broma!”

Conper= short for  “Con Permiso” which means “excuse me”.

Vajale!= This expression literally means “Turn it down”. Used for : Calm down, stop  exaggerating, turn off the drama, get off my case, don’t talk or treat me that way.

Pintate de colores= Literally this means “Paint yourself  diffrent colors”  Not  sure where this expression comes from, but it is probably referring to camouflage & (blending),  because it’s meaning is: go away or make yourself disappear.

Ponte Buso or just Bus0= buso/busa comes from the shortening of the word “Abusado” (alert, on the ball, on your toes) ponte is to ready one’s self or make one’s self a certain way. This is kinda of play on words as the word buso sounds like buzo ” scuba diver”.

Aguas! = Look out! *Used to tell someone they’re  in trouble. It can be said if someone is about to be hurt, or if they are trying to do something secretly & are about to be caught.

A toda maquina= This means with the whole machine or all mechanisms. It’s something along the lines of:  full speed ahead or at full throttle.  Can be used to mean: “It’s on!” ,  or  “It’s great in every way!” “Nothing , but the best!” “To the fullest!”

Chido= Cool, great, awesome, fun.

Codo= Literally this means “elbow”, however it is used to refer to someone who is cheap, a tightwad, a penny pincher, doesn’t share.  Sometimes people will not even say this, but instead just point to their elbow.  =D

Mala onda= Literally this means “bad vibe/wave”. Used to mean : that’s bad, that sucks, what luck! , too bad , I’m sorry about that.  A situation can be “mala onda” or a person can too, if they are: mean, boring, inconsiderate…. not fun to hang out with etc

Here’s another funny one:  “Hacer la de tos” .  Literally this means to make  into a cough.  A cough can be serious right? Especially if someone  is in need of water & it’s  to the point where their cough is so bad they can’t breathe.  However , people can also fake a cough i.e . this alludes to someone making something out of nothing, exaggerating, faking it.

Esta como quiere! = Literally: “He/she is however they want to be” = They’re so fine, so sexy, super handsome/ gorgeous,  way hot! What a hottie! What a babe!

Tu Circo se acabo= Literally “Your Circus is over” :This means your fun /entertainment is over.  Can be said when someone is making fun of you, or to tease someone who was previously having fun & their plans have gone awry.

LET’S SHARE: Mariachi Music

Today’s Chido music section features traditional Mariachi music.  ARTIST: Mariachi Band “Sol de Mexico”(Sun of Mexico)

SONG: King of the Huasteca

If you’ve never listened to Mariachi music before, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it. Mariachi music is amazing! It’s got so many incorporated elements that are reminiscent & that rival those of  Opera, classical music, and choral music.

Brief overview: The song is about a traveling musician who adores his violin and is very happy playing for others, because he is passionate about music. He has met his love, she wants him to give up such a life. He accepts and this is his song of sorrow.

LYRICS TRANSLATION(Here’s a little of the beginning) On a sorrowful night under the Huastecan moon, I swore to leave behind my violin and beatutiful land.  Today I will tell you the reason so you can all know it well. I leave all that i hold dear to follow a lady. Violin, violin  I want to cradle you in my arms so that you can feel  how my soul that is torn apart. Please forgive me,but I will leave you behind and erase you forevermore  from my mind. They say that I am King(music wise) of  the Huasteca Region, it’s what is told on the streets. They hear this violin amongst mouintans & valleys. I hope you can forgive me, and that you will comprehend. You see this time when I play, it will be the last.


The Huasteca is a region in Mexico that spans over the north of Veracruz, the south of Tamaulipas and parts of the states of Hidalgo, Puebla, Queretaro and San Luis Potosí. The Huasteca Potosina is the area within the state of San Luis Potosi, ranging over various municipalities, including Ciudad Valles, Xilitla, Tamazunchale and Taquin. The name Huasteca makes reference to the place where the Huastecos culture developed.
The great cultural diversity of the Huasteca Potosina is preserved until today, formed by important groups of more than 250,000 dwellers speaking náhuatl, tenek and pame. These groups have their origins in the Maya culture of their past and the Mexica of the High Plateau that attempted to conquer them. One of the extraordinary cultural manifestations originated in the Huasteca Potosina is the huasteco or huapango, music that combines violins, guitars and jaranas.
The Huasteca Potosina is part of the Sierra Madre Oriental and is located in the state of San Luis Potosi. It has a rich jungle ecosystem and an exceptional natural beauty with rivers, chasms and waterfalls; perfect scenarios for adventure tourism. The main sites of interest in the Huasteca Potosina are the Tamul Waterfall, the Bridge of God, the Castle of Sir Edward James, Xilitla and the Cave of Swallows. –
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