Chiva’s “Chicharito” Hernandez signs with Manchester United

Javier “El Chicharito”= “the little pea”  Hernandez, this young striker from the Mexican Soccer Leauge is on fire! He’s a 3rd generation Chiva both his grandfather & father played for the illustrious team.  Armed with unbelievable skills, and ardent determination at such a young, he’s unmatchable.  The amazing striker has contributed  to his team having a great season, and becoming “Super Leader” for the current Bicentennial Tourney 2010, that’s not all! He has been called to join the forces of the Mexican national team, and now he’s making it  across the pond!  Way to go Chicharito!

Our young “Chicharito”Hernández has become the first Mexican & first Chiva element to enroll with the Manchester United team.  During the press  conference,with notable emotion and appreciative smiles he thanked the English institution for the opportunity and vowed to extol the name colors of both Chivas and Mexican Soccer.

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“Chicharito”has made waves with club and country and found himself on the radar with several European clubs like PSV and reigning Bundesliga champs Wolfsburg. “Chicharito” (The Little Pea) was nicknamed after his father, Javier Hernández who was part of Mexico’s 1986World Cup team alongside Hugo Sánchez, Tomás Boy, Carlos Hermosillo, and Luis Fernando Tena.” from

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El Tri’s upcoming friendly


Plans for Mexico’s next match have been announced. The preliminary details have been outlined,  though specifics such as a set list of those who will take the field are yet to be fully established. The game will be a friendly match, both teams of course will take this meeting as a very significant opportunity for observation , and future preparation in regards to this year’s upcoming international completions.

More about the game-

The date : Feb24,

The venue : Candlestick Park in San Fran.

Their opponent :Bolivia.

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El Tri’s World Cup uniforms unveiled

Speech from Mexico’s coach Javier Aguirre:

I would just like to mention that the moment that I decided to take on the charge of leading the National team I asked for 11 warriors on the field. This is exactly what I am witnessing  & have witness before my eyes during our previous, and current  matches, training, &  activities. Warriors with  hot blood running through their veins, with unbreakable bones, and fiery legs.

Everyone of us has such an eagle warrior within us, that warrior who leans on the strengths of : concentration, determination, and the desire to win everyday. Today I urge more than 11o million Mexican warriors to join in the daily battle. May we all who are present here today be ready & disposed to fight on. Let us not think twice & chase after the “ball” that motivates us everyday.  I invite you to fight on as the true warriors we are in: your jobs, your homes, with your people.  Let us not loose for an instant the purpose for which we wake. Win, win, win absolutely in all we endeavor!

It moves me to know that behind these young men stands a country, our Mexico!  A country with an unmitigated &  unyielding courage & hunger, with a heart that will beat so loudly that we will hear it everywhere. Let us believe in ourselves, let us believe that we are a country that was born with everything necessary to triumph. Let us believe & understand that we are warriors and as such we will return. Thank you very much & good night.

vamos chavos echemoles galleta !

somos la nacion

azteca, de sangre guerrera!!!

National team goal keeper Guillermo “Memo” Ochoa next to FIFA’s president.

striker & midfielder Francisco “Paco” Palencia

Left to right: Midfielder Gerardo Torrado, Goal Keeper Ochoa, FIFA Pres.

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Mexican Soccer league: On the way to the 2010 Bicentennial Tourney

The “Bicentennial Tournament” will simply be the regular Closing Tournament renamed in honor of Mexico’s Bicentennial festivities.  As with the end of every championship & eve of every new competition , excitement, mystery, uncertainty, and plenty of anticipation fill the air as talks & decisions  for change take place.

*For complete calender of Bicentennial games please see bottom of post.

One of the biggest stories from the draft this time around deals with  my beloved golden foot &  favorite captain of my dear Chivas : Ramon “Ramoncito” Morales who is going through quite a trying ordeal with the future of his career being in limbo. Ramoncito was completley snubbed by the “Liga de Acenso” (ascending league) during the recent draft.  * The Mexican league is dived into 1st division and the afore mentioned league. After tournaments, teams are evaluated & will either qualify to ascend to 1st division or “descend” to the latter.  Now many are saying that favorable or not his only two choices are : To remain with Chivas Guadalajara where he has a standing contract or go abroad.  The reason why a move was so vital, even if it was to the Acenso league, he will be part of the bench during  The “Bicentennial Tournament” & as for the 2010 Interliga(the InterLiga is a football competition between Mexican clubs to determine qualifying spots for that country in South America’s premier club) Chivas will not take  part in this tourney & if he remains he will see no play time.  At length he was offered a position by Queretaro & the MLS, but Mr. Morales said that it seemed only reasonable & proper for him to go ahead &  finish out his current contract with Guadalajara.
*Another notable change affecting Chivas, Adolfo “El Bofo” Bautista after having a very prosperous run with Jaguares (Chiapas) will return to  “The sacred flock” (Chivas)
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As for other major events taken place during the draft, I present the following “Highs(altas) & lows (bajas)of the draft” chart  with the names of teams & their new players. Source & credits:

Congratulations to League Champions Monterey!

A great battle took place this evening between soccer teams Cruz Azul & Monterey during the Aperture Tournament in Mexico’s Soccer League. Cruz Azul had home team advantage as the game took place in “El Estadio Azul” = Blue Stadium, but to no avail was that advantage as Monterey were crowned champions.

The final score: 2-1. Global: 6-4.

GOALS: Aldo De Nigris  minute 54 , Humberto”El Chupete” Suazo minute 91 for Monterey. Cruz Azul’s goal came at  minute 77  scored by Alejandro Castro.


Aldo De Nigris of Monterrey  dedicating his goal to the memory of his brother  Antonio De Nigris(depicted on Aldo’s shirt) fellow soccer star who played for Greek first division club Larissa.  Antonio passed on recently as he was afflicted with heart failure.

Chupete Celebrates.

The game was intense and warriors on both teams left it all on the field.

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