Target’s Racists costumes : & THE HATE GOES ON

Ileg Alien01035914.detail.aSexy Illegal

(Sexy illegal Alien: complete with sombrero& poncho)

The Target Racist ass costumes incident has show us all one thing very clearly : & The intense, ugly HATE goes on.There are such strong reactions and condemnation on the whole subject of black face, but it’s funny how things like the costume thing can fly, well at least at first, which is just as bad as all together Right Under the Radar!  To us Hispanics, this is our black face. This is their way of telling us “We hate you!”, “You’re different”,  “To us you’re ugly, strange, sub creatures”.

The following Exerps from article “Behind The Mask” by -Yvette Cabrera

“But the controversy unmasked sentiments that have been brewing for years and have nothing to do with Halloween. For Zeke Hernandez, who is president of the Santa Ana LULAC council, the broader problem is that there is a “wave of misunderstanding,” when it comes to the immigration debate. All too often immigrants and Latinos in particular are dehumanized in a discourse that devolves into a bashfest. “I believe that it is essential to respect one another, and Halloween should not be used to scare people into hating other people,” says Hernandez.
“The costume fiasco drew praise from some anti illegal-immigrant groups who ridiculed the backlash and praised the costumes as funny.”

“The only people getting upset are the hyper-sensitive, over-politically correct, pro-amnesty, illegal alien-supporting nuts,” wrote William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration in Raleigh, N.C., on his group’s Web site.
Others jumped aboard. One reviewer wrote of the costume, “If there was only a way to depict him in an emergency room… or getting financial aid at a state college! Then it’d be 5 stars.”

“The Coalition for Human Immigrants Rights group in Los Angeles has been bombarded by hate mail, including this e-mail:
“I think you should go back to Mexico and Juarez and be killed there.”

“Such hatred is sometimes hidden behind another type of mask by those who claim they only oppose illegal immigration, but then proceed to single out, stereotype and verbally bash Mexicans and other Latinos. Sooner or later, the darkness creeps out, Halloween or not.”
“But many Latinos have had enough of the demonization.”


You look can also find  LULAC on twitter, they are even divided up into districts thus I could not post just one single twitter account.

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